Friday, June 29, 2012


This is what this blog is allllll about.  We will either catch these miliatry scum using directed energy weapons at this convention, where electronic directed energy weapons including active auroral weapons have become the norm, or we will make them stop doing it, and jeb bush might have a fatal coronary over that, which would be very nice.   These military attacks on crowds and gatherings are ordered by israel, by israels puppet the government.  The attacks are direct provocation, but are measurable, and a lot of people are getting their equipment together, and they have already seen the light.  It will either be measured and recorded,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gary Johnson To Attend Ron Paul Festival Tampa 2012

Political Conventions Perceived As Dangerous By Some Politicians


important....tampa police will be raising funds at the republican national circus in the way they know best, there will be provocation, and lies, so get ready to sue the pants off them when they do it, as they always do, it has been done successfully before, because tampanese cops are a bunch of yokels, and not smart....they are greedy pigs in fact....

St. Pete Revs Up Security For RNC

50 Mill buys a  lot of security, and though the Tampanese begrudge every penny of it (They begrudge every penny, period, its the way they are), some is overflowing into St. Pete, where there are beaches, and thats where many if not most of the VIPs will hang out.

The Tampanese

The article  below illustrates well the perceptions of the citys leaders and many of the Tampanese people.  If the parade took another route the idiots with their businesses would be complaining they were left out of the international exposure the parade is likely to bring. This choice of routes tells ME the police will provoke violence here, look for chemtrails, and active auroral phenomena in the sky, and try to obtain spectrum analyzers with antennae probes to sense and record spikes of EM/Radiation, like high power microwave.    To you organized protestors, here is where the plant will light up a joint or set off an explosion or something, beware.

The Epiphany Of Prince Reibus...

...along with all the rest of the superstitious and ignorant block heads in the GOP, AKA the American TV Party.

This is also waking up some of the clowns in the democratic party too. 

Prince Reibus can play a tune, kind of, but he can't sing wuff a darn.  What a zionist piece of garbage.  The video below shows the truth of what is actually going on here.

Conventions Are Big BIG Money

It Is Now Weird Enough For Me

These guys are all just showmen.  The measure of their success is evidenced by the money you let them steal.

Faux News: Media Wants To Ban Ron Paul Supporters At RNC

Now the zionist media wants to bar Ron Paul supporters from the RNC. Hee hee hee.  These are the same tactics used by the jewish coalition when they excluded Ron Paul from the confab where santorum, gingrich and romney were coached about screwing RP out of the necessary delegates....America will be better off when all these zionist scum go home to Israel where they belong....they are not Americans.

To All You Lucky Protestors Out There

Tampa is going to considerable expense (For them) to accomodate you people, don't screw it up (if such a thing is possible).  4 REALLY BIG Acres downtown are being reserved for all your shennanigans, do confine yourselves and don't dare try to meet any of the VIPs at their lodging arrangements along the beaches, or at the many places they will be visiting during their lemming-like revelries at the Republican National Circus.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Provoking Distrust

Already everybody is accusing everyone else of provocation, and a lot of that is based on real experience, and the police are awakening to the the so-called top secret but very observable technology of ENMOD and its attendent law enforcement aspects including behavior modification across vast areas.  Now the occupiers are seeing some of the ratz in their midst, which is never pretty.

Fox News HQ During RNC Is Tampa History Center

Official RNC Parade Route Released

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RNC Evacuation Plan

Tampa Gets Another 10.9 Million Federal Dollars

I quit being a Tampanese because they are not smart enough here to hire people who will do a good job, and they are just in way too deep to the Federal Reserve here, they seem to like it, though it is a real loser.

Tampa Alert System Uses Residents, Cellphones

Kind of like the Homeland Security Fusion Center Gang Stalking apparat, but for personal safety now.  Well, I guess thats an inprovement, but I am sure the religious twits will be gang stalking again as soon as the rwepublican national circus leaves town.

A Partial List Of Protestors And Their Handlers

These people are just stupid as dog droppings, as if what they care about and want makes any difference in the world....the past actions of both the democrats and republicans let anyone with a brain know the political tripe are just front men, shills and bully boys for israel.  Keep protesting idiots, maybe one day you will see the truth, and act in a concerted manner towards a goal that will have real meaning.

These people are just easy meat for the Tampa Police and their 25 million dollars worth of help, who will be engaged in all kinds of provocation, including directed energy weapons.

Some RNC Party Monies Now In Question

Conventions Mean Good News For Strip Clubs

Half Of The Federal Law Enforcement Monies Are Officially Spent

Tampa got 50 mill of the tax payers dollars (Which will not actually be earned by your kids until 2043 AD, according to federal reserve calculations) and has spent just about one half of it on personnel to make all the rich old zionists here feel safe.  Oi its so humid....

Republicans Are Not Big Spenders

They are kind of cheap, if the truth be known....Republicans have spent so much time worshipping the jewish god, and borrowing money from zion for their profit schemes, they have become jewish themselves.  The link below shows this is not really a new thing, either.

Tampa Parks Are Becoming Nexus Of Activities

Karl Rove's Mormon Minions: Here Comes The Mormon Army

Branding Tampa Bay To The Rich With Parties

A special party is being held for 20,000 delegates during the RNC, and though I can pretty well guess what it is really all about, I will leave the reader with the information (Link below) and let them figure it out for themselves.

Marco Rubio Explains Why He Left The Moron Church

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Miscellaneous Stuff About Jeff Vinik And Downtown

4 Promo Videos About Tampa St Pete Clearwater

Joe Redner Stirs It Some More

 The various Tampanese are up in arms and picking their seats because they can't pick pockets.

Tampas Lady Police Chief Ducking Questions About Provocation Via ENMOD

like most of the tampanese/tampa-knees, this woman here is a day late and a dollar short, it is the police who are provocateurs, a proven thing, especially the tampa wienies, and she is already ducking questions about ENMOD and police provocation with directed energy weapons...she cannot duck forever though....david geek, the sheriff here, is not smart enough to evade much longer on the issue, either, it is to become a campaign issue...

The Zionists Try To Railroad Ron Paul Again!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Washington Post Article On Tampa

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Sovereign Status

I, William Joseph Gallagher, of Seffner Florida formerly of Hachita, New Mexico, On this 20 day of April, 2005, do hereby rightfully declare, to all parties concerned, and for all purposes public and private, that I spend the currency of the federal reserve banking conglomerate strictly under duress; this situation being a real and true result whereby no alternative or true recourse is available to the federal reserve currency which is not at this time being issued or minted according to the strictures concerning the creation of money as addressed by the constitution of the united states of America. No consent by me shall be implied to any contract made in my name, or not, or in my interests, or not, which I have not duly reviewed and authorized with my signature, and in no way shall my signature, or any action of mine not strictly defined as consent, be construed as consent to any contract, agreement, or process of which I have not been made fully cognizant, and given my formal approval. I reserve all constitutional rights legally bequeathed to me as a sovereign of the united states of America without prejudice of any type. I hereby record and make known my knowledge, and I hereby demand acknowledgment and satisfaction based on the constitution of the united states of America, versus any subsidiary or consequent law based on the defined benefit of the federal reserve banking conglomerates currency, any state of emergency, or any other scenario whereby my rights as a naturally born sovereign of the united states of America are at issue. This notice supercedes all other status assigned me, with or without my knowledge, by any entity of any type at any time previous or subsequent to this formal declaration.

Sovereign American William Joseph Gallagher

Email: luxefaire @ gmail. com

David Gee And Bob Wirengard

A local news story stated that Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee might find it necessary to return all unspent campaign funds if no one opposed him in the next race.  Gee raised $215,690.00 in just his first quarter of collecting donations.  He has spent by then only $2,047.00.  Mr. Gee is a good religious republican, or so it appears. 

One Robert O. Wirengard is now all of a sudden running for sheriff against Sheriff  Gee, and he appears to be the same individual charged by the very same county sheriffs office nearly a dozen times for things like Operating A Chop Shop, Burglary of a Structure, Auto theft, and more BUT NEVER CONVICTED OF ANY CHARGES .

The way I think, it smells like collusion, it smells like insider dealing, It smells like Faulkenberg Road, and I am allowed to think this way, I am an investigative journalist and have been one for a long time.  I am inside the story from other angles over the long term as well.

Same story.  Understand that.

If I am wrong I will of course say I am sorry.  But public figures are not called public figures for nothing.  They must bear scrutiny.  We all must bear scrutiny these days, eh?

Lots of times I am right for thinking along these lines.  And you can take all the pictures you want of me living in my van.  Its the tampanese thing to do, why stop now?

tampa bay times: Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee has not attracted any opposition for his reelection bid in November. And it looks like he wants to keep it that way.  Gee raised $215,690 in just his first quarter of collecting money for his campaign. He has spent just $2,047.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tampa Host Comittee Website


Restaurants Gearing Up For RNC

There are hundreds if not thousands of fast food restaurants in Hillsborough county, I mean there are lots, its major, and because its such big business even regular restaurants are into the fast food thing, get 'em in and out with specials and thanks very much....most cities same.  Here the dunkin' donuts and the mcdonalds are lined up 24-7 in some places, which to me is like population control, the really fat and crippled are hobbling in for their sugar fixes, or driving through for their doses of food dope.

Checkers is as good as any burgers and prices reasonable and usually not as busy, many pizza places with specials, even cheap food is 7-10 bucks a meal to get full.  As always fruits and vegetables from markets and some prepared foods from deli counters can be better for your pocket, as well as your body.  Locally, like everywhere, there is just lots of competition for the dwindling food dollar as the world slowly ends according to israel.

Anyway.  The link below is an article about how some of the restaurants closest to the areas of interest will be dealing with the ebb and flow of what is probably going to be some sort of human tsunami for a few days.  The restaurants are waxing their boards, waiting on the swell.

Hello Jumbo

So.  The reason the elephants are sort of scarce is because they were hunted for their ivory by rich englishmen, kind of like the buffalo was hunted for its hide, by the euro interlopers in America.  Now, for a reason I am sure, the same type of people, or who they have become, use the elephant whose population they helped decimate, as a symbol of something.  Some heavies of the GOP are knighted, did you know that?  And thats not for service to America, hey hey what can I do, I got a woman she won't be true, and all that.

This is about some new elephant art work being unveiled locally for the republican national circus. Shay, you gonna eet them p-nutz?

On A Lighter Note...

St petersburg To Host RNC Kick Off Party At Tropicana Field

Everyone is agitating for protestors, wouldnt it be cool if the protestors were smarter, and started doing it all differently?  All the cool people will be across town anyway at the Ron Paul shin dig, where people are not so impressed with themselves and can still have a good time. 

July 25:

Monster Tribe

I'll admit it.  Money has never worked for me.  I do much better in barter.  I just never GOT much money.  I had to slave for idiots and pay MAMMY taxes during my many years working for the man and his federal reserve, and its been pretty lousy here in the USA, which is to say, what was once America, not a fiction.

I am glad for barter though, and historically my people never really did use much money, the Celts I mean, we made some cool money over time, in coinage and silver and goldwork, but it was definitely more an artistic expression thing, maybe magic.  It was created to deal with the outsiders.  And we did use it as votive offering a lot.

So maybe I am just out of it, out of the loop, as it were, but we are many and increasing in size almost exponentially.  Which could be a nice thing.  But it is never fun.  Yet.

I am at a loss when ideas of reality, which influence everyone, are related to in terms of money raised and money spent.

Its seems to me that the person who raises the most money wins the presidency?  Or the mayorship, or what have you?

Below is a link to an article which somewhat exhibits that way of seeing reality, through green eyeglasses let us say.  Having to live in a place I was born into where the mode to growth and health is a money which is not real and is controlled by a few degenerates, and all kinds of restrictions exist to making money, make me think the whole outlook is insane, an insane perception, which never lasts in the long run, and has not real meaning.

Tampa Police = Provocateurs

All cops need violence, chaos, and mayhem to justify their paychecks.  That much is plain.  There have been incidences in Tampa where police provocateurs are known to have operated, ie. the hemp festivals are just one venue I personally know of where the Tampanese police sent someone in to do something illegal so that they could come in swinging.  This has backfired on the tampanese knuckleheads more than once.

The article at the link below is interesting in that it shows the local police trying to play catch up with things already written and illustrated on this blog weeks ago... like all the tampanese undertakings it is a day late and a dollar short, but it does sort of show us that the ultra-intelligent bunch running white welfare here, errr..... I mean law enforcement here, are getting ready to do the same, but with a twist.  They are now trying to blame their provocations on the protestors themselves.  Well.  You be the judge folks.  And rest assured infractions from both sides will be covered in depth, with no sugar coating, at this blog.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gibson Guitar Buses Coming To Downtown Tampa During RNC

Gibson Guitar is providing shuttle buses downtown Tampa during the in that article is more than just a little embarassing, you all, but some laughs might happen if one acquires the correct perspective, so have @.

David Geek And A Sarah Palin Wannabe

Check out the words of wisdom from Hillsborough County Sheriff David Geek, and Tampas own Sarah Palin sound-alike Rita Wesley of the RNC Host Committee.  Well done kids, well done.

Btw the sheriffs name is really Gee, I say Geek because he HAS to be one being sheriff and all, those idiots think they are heroes, they are just bully boys for the zionists, to hell with them.  They are provocateurs to keep their measly government welfare checks coming, and yes, they do get government checks too, just like the meanest welfare recipient or other state babies.

I am are sincerely hoping David Gee(k) is not in cahoots with monied criminals here in the land of monied criminals, but maybe he is and we shall see.  Many of his kind are not stupid and certainly realize where the money is @, its in crime, otherwise you are not getting enough to live on here in the real Florida home of the Old Guard.

Hillsborough county sheriffs did rather despicable things to me in the past,  potentially fatal things, its how they are; very gestapo like, not-nice in the extreme.   I don't like any of those tax-sucking organisms, but these are my personal feelings, just so you know I do have reasons.

Ron Paul Festivals A Go

The Tampa State Fairgrounds off 301, Fantasy of Flight in Polk County by Lake Agnes,and an as yet undisclosed third convention near and around the Republican National Circus are to be held for Ron Paul prior to the actual convention downtown.  This is great, and interesting as heck.

The GO PARTY Card From The Host Committee Of The RNC

The host committee in charge of making sure a nice time is had by all at the republican national circus @ Tampa2012 is distributing about 30,000 local discount cards among conventioneers and other prospects this summer.

I am slightly alarmed by this card, this discount card, because it signals the republicans are getting...clever.  I believe they may be taking drugs.  At least the writers are, so maybe the republicans are not all a bunch of greedy hate mongers afterall.  Or perhaps they are changing.  We have Ron Paul to thank for any sanity that has inflitrated the butt heads and religious freaks of the grand old party.  Thanks Ron Paul.

Anyway, the discount card is called the GOParty Card, that means GO PARTY, Not GOP ARTY, can you dig it?  The GO PARTY Card is to be included in welcome bags being prepared for delegates and the media.

The media.  Oh that is rich.

That would be the zionist media I am sure.  Not for people who write or say the word jew, unless it is like the Jews are Great and Gods gift.  As if.  and OI.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Herd Girds

Girds itself...the groups gird themselves for action...I think the word gird should be illegal.  It is a travesty and joke.  Here the Tampanese/Tampa-knees like those kind of words because it reminds them of football or perhaps golf, gird and grid not being that different, really.  Did I sy thet right?   I am sure there are Tampanese who get all excited over the possiblity that their favorite ball fetishists, ie football or baseball or basketball players, might actually gird themselves for their various and respective grids, in preparation for their ball fetish or ball worship activities.

The Daily Bust Outs Itself As Zionist

Barely concealed zionist ire.  Whah wah wah wah wah'll get it in the first few sentences.

Kid Rock Plus Plus To Perform At Republican National Circus

Gary Johnson: Letting News Media Pre-select Presidntial Field Is Irresponsible

The Plot She Do Thicken

59 Is Not A Good Number

This is a very informative article.

It speaks of the video surveillance in place and being installed downtown now.  It mentions the need for "Compatibility" of the imported officers with the officers of the Tampa Police department.  Jane says they want cops on their best behavior.

This is definitely a pork barrel for the bought and paid for snitch culture which Florida is.  The Cops here all drive new cars and have nice houses, its their pay off for enforcing zions illegal taxes, its their cut.  And don't get caught stepping on the toes of the big boys, the politicos, the mobsters extraordinaire.  The cops are there to keep you from doing that, and if you do it you will go to their dungeons and maybe even get a leg broke. Law enforcement here, now, is the most lucrative industry of all, and the RNC is a reward type of duty for the good well behaved cops all around the state.  They might even get to meet some of their heroes.  Their masters.

It will be best if you do not rock the boat, comrades.  The security is immense, and you do not have a chance. Besides, this group paying the cops is going broke, and even though there is always enough manpower for this type of thing, the police are losing their careers and pensions as fast as the rest of you.  Faster perhaps, as private mercenary type law enforcement will become more and more necessary.  Think Blackwater, think Zetas, think Red Mafiyya.  Think survival in the land of the slaves and the home of the pee.

The police are generally not too swooft though, or they would be building things, or soldering something, or in orbit doing mechanical work, which is where they should be, not watching the rest of us for their zionist masters.  They have caused death of all types on our streets, the magic formula of alcohol and cops is a spectacle of spectacles, and amounts to gargantuan money and control.

The next generation of law enforcement is here now, thanks to the bush crime family, and because of this the elite are seeing that most law enforcement can be done with surveillance, economics, and behavior modifying electronics, propogated with antennae, active aurorae, and satellites...the machine is in place, the cops are just getting paid off and are a "Show" of force by the elite, intimidation, open and unapologetic intimidation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Iowa To Tampa

 There is a vibrant quiet settling about the land.  The yammerings and hawkings and even howlings of the zionists, the stinking foolish thieving zionists, and all their threats and lies, and stalking and directed energy weapons, and biotech and satellites and fusion centers and chemtrails and pacification programs of electronic behavior modification, and all the rest, have not been sufficient deterrent to truth.   The rabbis are sulking.  Be careful Ron Paul.  These people do not really like American liberty, which is evidenced by all the twistings and fakery, the story telling at the city gates.  And Ron.  Get It Done Please.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Doing Business With The RNC @ TPA

This article is basically an advertisement for a meeting to be held 25 June 2012, concerning doing business with the RNC.  This is where all the good old boys divvy up whats left after their initial feeding frenzy.  And you can bet it was a feeding frenzy early on, as all the establishment geeks and their toadies churned the water and turned it bloody in their competition to outdo each other in getting the easiest money.   This is Tampa Bay Florida, and thats just the way it is here.  Don't get in the way of the greedy church people, because they are the mob (Fer jeezus), and you could end up in jail.  Or worse.

Where The Delegates Are

Some Policing Details @ The Republican National Circus

Google Asked By Governments To Censor Political Content

Western democracies?  What de debbil is dat?  There are no democracies here, only little tin dictators and royalty wannabees.  Any semblance to real government is destroyed by all the taxation and economic manipulation/control.  Who is fooling who?  At least Google lets people know when the government tries funny stuff.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Latin Outreach By The GOP

So far latin outreach by the GOP has been the bush businesses down in Miami, and South America, plus the migrants being employed to pick the crops of the rich republican farmers.  It is a definite thing though that when the latin people get a little something, when they establish themsleves, they become very very conservative, it just takes time....The Miami cubans are a perfect example of that.

More On Cyber Hacking And The RNC

Is this the government instruction manual for israeli false flag operatives?  Zionist media is garbage whose biggest draw is simple fear....too bad the people don't fear stupidity, as they should.

Marco Rubio A Mormon

TBO Steps Right In It

Anarchists game plan for Tampa RNC unclear.

You heard it here folks.  Well, my guess is that the anarchists agenda would be anarchy, nothing unclear about that.

See how the Tampa wienies relate everything to games and game plans?  Its a marker trait of the Tampanese, or more correctly, the Tampa-knees.  I guess and whatever.  Games work well for them because they are somewhat cloistered it seems, inexperienced in reality, they have to relate it to something fun.  Maybe.  I really don't know why these Tampanese wienies are so, they just are.

Anarchy is not violence and mayhem, that is all well controlled by the zionists and their iron grip on our media and the judicial.  The cops and alcohol are a perfect match to create violence and mayhem, all well advertised on TV.

Anarchy is respect for each other without needing laws, and without having your behavior modified with energy weapons testing and all....wake up....Yes, everything certainly is the zionists fault, for a long time now.

The Whining And Crying Has Begun

Winning 21 of the 25 delegates in Iowa, Ron Paul dominated and the zionist jews just cannot believe this is happening, their bought and paid for Rick Santorum is trying like crazy to do their bidding, but the Paul people will have none of it.  The whole world knows about the zionist jews now, and we are about to get another eyeful, as if this, and bush, and barry, and billy, and 911, and all the rest were not enough.

Some Tampa Bound Delegates Suing GOP

They say they were coerced into representing Romney.  This is very interesting.  The beginnings of vote tampering already, can we expose the zionists in this?  How about how Santorum Gingrich And Romney seem to have been coached by the Jewish Coalition which pointedly excluded Ron Paul from attending.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The REAL Reason For The RNC

Rick Scott To Greet Arrivals For RNC @ TPA

Hollywood Meets Tampa

Rick Scott MIA

Rick Scott came from the Tea Party, and the zionists controlling the media are wondering why he is not bending over backward for their presidential choice.  In spite of my criticisms, I like Rick Scott.  He would not take the urinalysis imposed on his employees by the government, I am sure.

Friday, June 15, 2012

More High Tech Police Surveillance Revealed Today

Bradenton police, and others presumably, are installing new cameras on their cars which allow them to scan dozens of license plates at a time.  All the better to tax you with, my dears.

Bigger Than 2008, The Ron Paul Festival Will Happen

During the 2008 Republican convention Ron Paul was denied a speaking role, and his supporters organized another get together across town, which duly horrified the elite, and some were seen to be gnashing their teeth while saying over and over again: Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson...

Several yarmulkes were seen to catch fire, and the smell of burnt gifelte fish  filled the air.  The herring was purple not red, and the beets tasted like they were pickled in diesel fuel.  This, folks, was and is, kosher hell.

We can only wonder what will happen in Tampa now, with Ron Paul playing such a large part in republican politics at the convention "Proper" along with his own rally type convention once again. 

The old guard wants Romney, they are the religious rich people.  They are a very small group and shrinking.  Soon America must awaken to that fact.  And get the influence of they who want to destroy us the hell out of here.

Cyber Attacks During The RNC?

Cyber Crime During The RNC??  Like During 911?  What?  You need to read Devilvision then.  Devilvision is the surveillance state.....wake up.

So back to Cyber Crime during the Republican National Circus.  Who would think such a thing?  Where is the profit in it? Truthfully, I think people should be more worried about HAARP, ENMOD, The Police State, Devilvision, Electronic Harassment, Chemical Spraying, and Aerosoled Active Auroral Lenses and Mirrors.  I mean.

Hitting The Protest Lottery In Tampa

Today the city is holding a lottery to settle a few conflicting requests to protest downtown at the City Park during the Republican National Circus.  In fact it has been held as of 10AM, and methinx perhaps it was more akin to an auction, but then me is paranoid.  Innit?  No announcement of who the lucky winner is yet.  Expect updates as they happen right here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ron Paul Expected To Get Majority Of Delegates In Iowa

This should bring about a lot of whining and crying among the zionists who have tried to railroad ron paul since day one...the fed is a jewish thing, a concession, and through enmod via monsanto they expect us to roll over and give them the water and food concession too....along with their thankfully dwindling control of our media, and  through all the superfluous law making and the british bar control our judicial too, they have taken control and they don't like losing it.  At least they now have a place to go when the world sees them for what they are, and that is a first, and the best reason for israel that i can think of.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

RNC Gives Blessing To Paul Rally After Rand Endorsement Of Romney

Republicans Continue To Self Destruct

Devilvision At The RNC

Read it and understand what is being done to you.  You are under attack.

From The Daily Paul: Be Very Careful In The Police State Of Tampa

From The Daily Paul:
 by Flybeech

Delegates, family of delegates and visitors to Tampa are encouraged to very carefully read the new ordinance in order to protect yourselves from revenue-generating police. During the convention, it is a crime to possess tape, light bulbs, any container containing any liquid, solid or gas, a piece of wood, a jack handle in your trunk, any sharp object and many other items considered otherwise normal. Also, should your group assemble into a unit larger than 50 people and you do not have the required permit, you are committing a crime. The police can determine on the spot if you are guilty and the prosecutor will sort out your intent at a later date. The penalties for violating any of the items under this ordinance are punishable with a fine of $500 and/or 60 days in jail. My guess is the City of Tampa wants your $500 more than they want to put you in jail. The lady I spoke to asked if I had ever heard of 9/11 and all these measures are completely justified and necessary, in order to keep us safe.

The Top Thieves In Tampa To Do TV During RNC

Actually these glad handing pieces of crap are the second best thieves, the best thieves are already doing TV because they are the politicians.  America would be much better off without any of these tripe.  They lie and they sell us out continually.  I wonder how many of these business leaders do the urinalysis they impose on their employess.  These schmux are all after cheap labor and max profits from the sweat of the disappearing middle class.  They are drones and they love lords and kings (PTL).

Tea Party Influence To Be Felt At RNC

Fences Will Abound In Tampa During The RNC

All these rich zionist twits are so afraid somebody is going to steal all their precious stuff (Which is a great source of amusement for me, because they are such great thieves themselves) that they are building many fences in downtown Tampa during the republican national circus, in order to protect themselves....but how will they protect themselves from hell, when they die?


Bob Buck Whore Doing What He Does Best

Tampa Disappointed Over Number Of Protest Requests

The protestors are finally learning that it is plain old dumb to let the government know where you will be and when....they will just have the invisible but very powerful microwave and laser weapons ready for you, and cause a riot, its how they are, they do it regularly.  The Macdilldoes are israels little bitch boys, bet on that.  So its nice to see the populace is finally thinking again after all these years of chemtrail spraying and mass pacification.

Tampa Considers Shutting Down The Crosstown Expressway/Selmon Expressway During The Republican National Circus

That is not the best idea I have heard today.  If the expressway is closed, it will cause an inordinate amount of trouble.  Wheres all your cameras Tampa?  We know you have them, and about 10000 cops watching them all day everyday.  They sure can pick my license tag out if I even get near that expressway.  If you are worried about things like this then you should be more worried about small aircraft.  And radio controlled toys with payloads.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Good Video About Free Speech

Thanks to the New Tampa Republican Club.

The Tampanese

Or, more correctly, the Tampa-knees...this town is full of beggars, mostly begging their lord and king to bail them out of this mess he got them into.  One of the requests for public venue during the RNC is a prayer group, covered in this article here:

Republicans Sez: Special Rights For Special People

Thats racism, innit?

Many People Have Been Alienated By Modern Politics

Pray tell....

Mitt Romney, The Mormons, The New World Order, And The Utah NSA Spy Center

The worlds largest NSA data collection center is being built, is almost built, just south of Salt Lkae City Utah.  Every cell phone call in America will soon be recorded and stored there.  None of this happened by mistake, you know that, right?

On Mormonism By Ex-Mormons

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ooohhhhh We Be Scared

Rick S. is a scary robot.  He may be mind controlled from a very young age.  He is thereby unable to see this in himself, of course.  He is a scary scary robot.  They don't call him Sanitarium for nothin'.

After stating that he wanted his delegates and other followers to go on to influence the Republican platform, Rick Santorum was then asked what specifically he was looking for in the platform, and to that he replied "Well, I like the platform we have right now."

Duhhhhhhhhhhh Rick, your Mind Control is showing.

And there you have it folks, lets hope Newt Romney Gives Rick Sanitarium the big green light to come aboard his ship of fools.  That will be truly fun to watch.  Jeb and Jorge Bush can cheerlead, and console Mark Rube.

There Go Another Fifteen Mill

Check out the goons in this picture then read the article from the Tampa Tribune.  We need Spiderman, and this is what we get.  Oi fing ve.  Tampa has got some mad money, and boy are they mad.  I guess.  I will be covering the police angle in depth, along with as much information as we can glean from observation and the net concerning Macdill AFB, from which a lot of weird active auroral stuff is erupting regularly.  Read Devilvision.

So The Sucking Up Begins...

I think this article says there may be twenty people trying very hard not to show how much they want to be buds with newt romney.  At this time.  Now that his ship has come in from israel.  In spite of what was said before, of course.  Thats politrix rix.  This is the kind of twit fodder you can always expect from the republicans, its what they are, and what they like.  Its how the networks were able to trick the stupid dunces into making a spectacle of their convention, alllllll that ugly tv, crie-man-nitly nutsy, which is representive of really a small number of people, and ding dongs at that.  Adios America, one book was good enough for you! 

 All the drama and fawning, the graceless and oft times violent shufflings and jockeyings for position amongst each other, all the while smiling and glad handing and talking to no one in particular.  I am now becoming amused, and this I like.  It makes all the embarassment more bearable, if that is possible.  And it is.  I anticipate a laugh or two as well.  I am sure I will not be disappointed.

watch what you say...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marco Rubio, A Mark AND A Rube

From Yankee Doodle:

Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to be Vice President of the United States according to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, which states:

"But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

Neither of Marco Rubio's parents were citizens of the United States at the time of his birth. A natural born citizen is a person born to parents who are both citizens of the United States at birth. In fact, Rubio's parents did not want to stay in the US, but were loyal to Cuba and wanted to return. Rubio was born a Cuban citizen, as both of his parents were citizens of Cuba, not the United States, at the time of his birth.

The US Supreme Court ruled:

"The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners." Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162.

The common law nomenclature regarding "natural-born citizen" with which the framers of the Constitution were familiar is found in "The Law of Nations", published in 1758. The language in this source document is apparent in the decision of the US Supreme Court. The Law of Nations was in the possession of the framers of the Constitution and the first Congress. Its language is used in nearly all US federal law regarding citizenship in the US.

"The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights... The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent... in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country." Vattel, The Law of Nations, 1758.

Guns Allowed @ The Republican National Circus!

The Tampa Convention Center Up Close And Personal

Tampa Gots Money, Now It Wants Toys To Spy With

From The Daily Mail (Oh My)...Drones the size of golfballs (and smaller I am sure) will be used during the RNC according to one source, just another step in the militarization of police, which tampa florida zionists have been salivating over forever.  The zionist scum just love to think about spying on people in ways undetectable, and this israeli militarization of the police will be tested out in Tampa during the Republican National Circus, you can bet on that.

Building Purchased Near RNC Site By Jeff Vinik

The owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning Jeff Vinik, entrepeneur, Philanthropist, and successful pre-bubble investment manager is expecting little or no opposition in his purchase of two buildings in Downtown Tampa near the site of the Republican National Circus happening late August of this year.  One of the buildings is the Channelside Bay Plaza, which was built with great hopes, back before Israel started taking all the cash off the streets and sending it to the middle east under their boy george.

His acquisition must be accepted by the Tampa Port Authority, but is expected to pass without a problem.  The buildings are being bought in time for the Republican National Circus, so it is porbable that they will be used in some form for the convention.

Some wits have begun to call the downtown area near port side "Vinikville".  It is surmised here by me that the Republican National Circus is an apt user of all these facilities, seeing as their symbol is the elephant.  Perhaps it will be painted white.

Tampa Main Library Closed Before & During RNC

Tampa is closing its main library located downtown during the Republican National Circus.  They are afraid they cannot handle the workload.  This decision will have far reaching consequences, you watch.

From The Tampa Bay Times:

TAMPA — Hillsborough County's main library, the John F. Germany Public Library, will be closed the week before and the week of the Republican National Convention.   "We anticipate that access to the building would be very challenging during the convention," said David Wullschleger, operations manager for the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System....More At Link.

Rick Scotts Attempt At Voter Hocus Pocus Fails Miserably

jeb bush he ain't....Rick is much too honest and way out of his league trying to mix with the crooks of the GOP.  Rick has a lot ot learn, and will have to criminalize himself much more to be able to deal with the firefighters, and police, and other political garbage in the state of Florida.  Give us a call Rick, or drop us an email.  Crist became governor with the information I have (And also a good framing of jeb bush kept oh so secret for the time being....crist was promised a fast track to Washington because of the dirt he either uncoivered or created (or both) on bush...but like those rove/bush plans, that has all fallen through....if you want to be a criminal Rick, you have to think like one....forget all that corporate executive nonsense....when you learn how to deal with reality like the bush family does, and all the rest of the GOP hounds, then and only then will you get the unbridled power which you seem to crave. 

Republicans Copy Democrats Ad From 2008

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zions Toadie Rick Santorum Has Trix Up His Sleeve

Santorum said his delegates are just the beginning at the next Republican National Circus, so we have that going for us, and thats a nice thing....people like sanitarium can always be counted on to do....well, if not the right thing, then the predictable thing....this idiot is an egotistical monster, like so many of his kind, and if he thinks he even comes close to Ron Paul in knowing what America is about, he is as stupid as he is funny looking.  He is just a slave to zionism, him and his jewish god.

Being Tampanese Means Money Is President

This is perfect, this says it all.  Tampa is a great home for the RNC because all the idiotic federal reserve believers and their toadies like the Tampanese, have made it so that fundraising is the bottom line to election.  It no longer matters how good a candidate is, or how much they care about the welfare of their employers, the that matters is how much money you can raise, you are good for the job if you comply with the federal reserve policies of lying cheating stealing and screwing your neighbor.  Tampanese types believe that, oh yes they do, money is GOD here, and all the born-agains are damned good jews for being white boys.  In fact a lot of the jesus freaks in Tampa are BETTER jews than jews themselves, and that is perhaps what is truly behind all the zealotry and righteousness, which also serve as good cover for basic ignorance too.  Thats a win-win if you are Tampanese.

Educating Slaves

Cult Of Losers

Capitalism Not

Watch The Sky During The RNC

Since understanding that the governmentt and its tax enforcement arm, the police forces, are just tools of the money mongers, zion, and since also understanding that the profit is in strife and chaos, and since further understanding that very large scale Microwave Laser and Ultrasonic directed energy weaponry has been used on crowds and other segments of the population for years now to instigate further mayhem and to further justify zions police state and taxing apparatus, we can see this allows interested parties to bust the unamerican scum as they go about this business of hate, by creating devices to detect and measure these otherwise invisible weapons.  the RNC tampa florida comes to mind as a place where large scale directed energy weaponry will be deployed via active auroral measures and building mounted beams....I am sure the preparations are going on now.  if the protestors came with electronic equipment to record the event and to bust the cops doing this commie activity, which in fact did originate with the kgb russia ie the vatican ( then.....  be forewarned that biotech is also used by these agents of zion the police, because it strengthens the performance of the radiant arsenal, and because it is just one more aspect of the invisible arsenal which was developed by the bush crime family in their gulf wars.  the democratic convention will also offer the same opportunity.  record the sky, and microwave/laser spikes, and ultrasonic activity near protests and crowds in general.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tampa Drops Attempts At Gun Ban During RNC

Tampa wants to ban all guns within a certain radius of the Republican National Circus.  The governor said no, concealed weapons will be allowed.  Tampa ciity council wanted to appeal that decision, because they really are a paranoid bunch of whiners in Tampa, they are just two-bit enablers of israel, thats their religion.  Now the council seems to have given up on the gun ban.  For now.  This means many more dollars on cameras, listening devices, and people to man the surveillance stations.  The bottom line is always the dollar, the Tampanese are just trying to save a buck, probably so they can steer the excess $ to one of their relatives.

St. Pete Spends Quarter Million $ On Security Cams For RNC

Florida is never short of paranoia. St. Pete Florida is almost beside itself, now that the republican circus is near, and is REALLY HAPPENING OMG!

 The haves may not outnumber the have-nots here, but it sure looks like that on the surface anyway.  Florida is one place the republicans can point to and say see!  our way works!  Which it does not, but those types always try to stack the odds, to cheat in any way possible.  Its only a game right?  All of life is just one big game, and we must win win win!

Yeppers.  Its the way they are.  They are all very stupid too.

Jocko-homo is their species.

Ron Paul, a member of their own party, is seeing this all graphically now.  Having been excluded from the jewish confab which was his ultimate undoing (It was of course planned that way), has opened many eyes, all across the world. 

A nice thing.  Its time the world wakes up to zionism and its sewer-think.

TVEyes To Handle Broadcast Monitoring Of RNC

A video/broadcast monitoring service called TVeyes has been named to handle the broadcast monitoring during the RNC.  This service will allow a variety of scenes to be monitored simultaneously, and will also record much of the event.    Advanced audio/video search is just one aspect of this companies offering. 

From the TVEyes Site:

About the 2012 Republican National Convention
The 2012 Republican National Convention will be held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum August 27-30, 2012. Nearly 50,000 visitors are expected to come to the Tampa Bay area for the event, including delegates, alternate delegates, media and other guests. For more information about the 2012 Republican National Convention, become part of the virtual convention at , visit our website and check out our official blog, Conventional Wisdom, at

Photo Contest During RNC -- $50 Cash Award

I will be running a photo contest during the RNC for people out and about in Tampa with the cams or cell phones during the Republican National Circus.  I need clear pictures of Republican Party members enjoying the areas attributes, most especially those engaging the adult entertainment industry here.  Get the best picture of a recognizable high profile republican engaging in wild drunken gaiety at one of Tampas many adult venues, and win 50 bux.  Multiple prizes in case of a tie.  Write to for more info.  Submit the pictures here on this blog as replies, or mail to above address.

St. Pete Is Getting Antsy As Time Runs Out B4 RNC

Ron Paul Must Settle For Influence

After the zionist trained santorum gingrich and romney absconded with the majority of registered republican votes (A minority to be sure) then made sure all the delegates went to Romney, the zionist plan came to fruit, and even though Ron Paul will still have a major presence, he will not be able to garner the nomination of the Grand Old Party during the Repulican National Circus.  Deep down this gratifies me, because Ron Paul is much more than these zionist twits deserve in this country, and Obama or romney, either or, itr doesnt matter, these ignorant fools here in America have taken their last chance and broken it in two.  PTL

ENMOD Technology In Use Already At Tampa

The scared little zionists of Tampa love the bush family (The anthrax, urinalysis and 911 people) and as soon as they became scared over their promises concerning the RNC (Oh no somebodys going to damage all our precious stufffffff) they began talking about hurricanes during the RNC and this week is just a warm up for what they are going to do during the RNC if things get the least bit hinky.  Lots of chemtrailing, then lots of rain.  Which is good because we can showcase it all here.  And we will.   A lot of the surveillance and behavior modifying ENMOD is done off Macdill, at least in this region.  Macdill is like little tel aviv, right in Tampa.  No wonder the inbred but rich jews here are making the old armory ionto a temple, its the way they are.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tampa Police Chief Does Radio Show About Preparation For RNC

2 Groups Apply For Use Of Parks During Republican National Circus

2 groups apply for park permits during RNC
AP TAMPA, Fla. -- Two groups have applied for permits to use to use Tampa
parks during the Republican National Convention. Planned Parenthood wants
to hold a four-hour rally on the afternoon of Aug. 29 a park near the
University of Tampa.

RNC Denies Blocking Ron Paul Festival In Tampa

Head Of Tampa Bay Host Committee For RNC To Give Briefings

Matt Becker, Chief Operating Officer for the Tampa Bay Host Committee, is making the rounds, giving presentations to local residents about what to expect during the Reublican National Circus. 

Mr. Becer will be speaking to local businesses on Thursday, June 14th at 5:30 p.m. at the St. Pete Beach Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Dr., St. Pete Beach, among many other places.  Contact his office downtown for more times and places.

RNC Opens 23 Victory Offices In Florida

The gears are being engaged to help Mitt Romney win the presidential election after his nomination by the Republicans in Tampa during their convention.  23 "Victory" offices in Florida will be opening soon, and there may be others.  Even though the republicans who are nominating Romney are only the registered republicans, and are a stark minority among voters of both sides, the zionists are so afraid of Ron Paul they have made a media circus like never before out of this process which is really not too much of a process, more like a game.