Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vote For Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson follows Ron Pauls philosophy and was a very successful governor of NM for 8 years.  Gary Johnson will no doubt use Ron Paul in his administration, and Dr. Paul is beginning to indicate that he himself may vote for Gary Johnson.  I moved to NM to be in Gary Johnsons state, then the ignorant mexicans put bill richardson in as governor after Gary Johnson, which can only be called a travesty.  Johnson will be on the presidential ballots.  As Ron Paul has said, "Forget about a third party, we need a second party first."  The zionist jews and their toadies control the media and thereby the judicial and the political apparat, ruling with fear and lies, look what a ridiculous fiasco they have made of the election processes.  They are afraid their billion-dollar-a-day hand-out is going to end.  Vote Gary Johnson to get America back on track, undo the charade that happened in Tampa.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Israel Is Americas #1 Enemy

Did not attend any gatherings or protests, watched the sky instead, and it was not pretty.

The zionists obliged my predictions with an ENMOD event to start off the RNC, and many people are seeing it, they are still spraying chemtrails as of today, wednesday, moving cloud mass around, creating localized high heat and other behavior modifications, but lots of people are looking up, and thats nice. 

If the government is fooling with the weather, as it is, then all the insurance in the world doesn't mean very much does it?  Especially if you say things that zionists do not like, or if you somehow otherwise find yourself on the receiving end of ENMOD.  So.  Go ahead and pay this ultra tax, this insurance, and know that it doesn't amount to anything, because the weather is controlled and they are using it to attack us, as they use anything else they can get their little paws on.

Israel is the enemy of America, and of Freedom in general.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Major Chemtrailing Begins Over Florida

They are bringing the hurricane in to ensure Ron Paul has no power during this zionist thing called a convention here in Tampa, big lines showing deagglomeration traits and all that, the hurricane is being steered to Tampa as Katrina was steered to New Orleans, and all Americans have been made too stupid by attending Zions schools to even notice this kind of thing.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Here Is Some Truth If You Can Handle It

Americans no longer know right from wrong, because they have all been springerwitzed, or something like it.  Below you will find a good article among a bunch of nonsense, kind of like a diamond in the sewage if you like, which basically states what has become of America because of the institution of the police state.  These people are too young to know this is zionism, and they have not learned to use that word yet, which will get them in really hot water when they do, I am here to say.  Oh fing well.

GOP Deathly Afraid Of Ron Paul

Its because they are all bought and paid for whores.  They could give a crap about America, they do not even have a clue what that means anymore, they are all zions bitch boys.

Ron Paul can still be written in.  One of the Ron Paul endorsed candidates won as a write in up north a few weeks ago with 66% of the vote.  If the zionists think they can pull a fast one this time, as they did with their puppets arbusto, they may have to relearn some things, and now the whole world can see them for what they are.  Crime pays if the mark is unaware of the predation, and thats no longer the case.

The GOP And Cheating

They just legalize it once they are busted.  Its how they are.  Lookit duh-byas reign.

The Peoples Republic Of Tampa

What better place to hold a ceremony of lies?