Friday, June 22, 2012

Monster Tribe

I'll admit it.  Money has never worked for me.  I do much better in barter.  I just never GOT much money.  I had to slave for idiots and pay MAMMY taxes during my many years working for the man and his federal reserve, and its been pretty lousy here in the USA, which is to say, what was once America, not a fiction.

I am glad for barter though, and historically my people never really did use much money, the Celts I mean, we made some cool money over time, in coinage and silver and goldwork, but it was definitely more an artistic expression thing, maybe magic.  It was created to deal with the outsiders.  And we did use it as votive offering a lot.

So maybe I am just out of it, out of the loop, as it were, but we are many and increasing in size almost exponentially.  Which could be a nice thing.  But it is never fun.  Yet.

I am at a loss when ideas of reality, which influence everyone, are related to in terms of money raised and money spent.

Its seems to me that the person who raises the most money wins the presidency?  Or the mayorship, or what have you?

Below is a link to an article which somewhat exhibits that way of seeing reality, through green eyeglasses let us say.  Having to live in a place I was born into where the mode to growth and health is a money which is not real and is controlled by a few degenerates, and all kinds of restrictions exist to making money, make me think the whole outlook is insane, an insane perception, which never lasts in the long run, and has not real meaning.