Friday, June 8, 2012

ENMOD Technology In Use Already At Tampa

The scared little zionists of Tampa love the bush family (The anthrax, urinalysis and 911 people) and as soon as they became scared over their promises concerning the RNC (Oh no somebodys going to damage all our precious stufffffff) they began talking about hurricanes during the RNC and this week is just a warm up for what they are going to do during the RNC if things get the least bit hinky.  Lots of chemtrailing, then lots of rain.  Which is good because we can showcase it all here.  And we will.   A lot of the surveillance and behavior modifying ENMOD is done off Macdill, at least in this region.  Macdill is like little tel aviv, right in Tampa.  No wonder the inbred but rich jews here are making the old armory ionto a temple, its the way they are.