Friday, June 22, 2012

Tampa Police = Provocateurs

All cops need violence, chaos, and mayhem to justify their paychecks.  That much is plain.  There have been incidences in Tampa where police provocateurs are known to have operated, ie. the hemp festivals are just one venue I personally know of where the Tampanese police sent someone in to do something illegal so that they could come in swinging.  This has backfired on the tampanese knuckleheads more than once.

The article at the link below is interesting in that it shows the local police trying to play catch up with things already written and illustrated on this blog weeks ago... like all the tampanese undertakings it is a day late and a dollar short, but it does sort of show us that the ultra-intelligent bunch running white welfare here, errr..... I mean law enforcement here, are getting ready to do the same, but with a twist.  They are now trying to blame their provocations on the protestors themselves.  Well.  You be the judge folks.  And rest assured infractions from both sides will be covered in depth, with no sugar coating, at this blog.