Wednesday, June 20, 2012

59 Is Not A Good Number

This is a very informative article.

It speaks of the video surveillance in place and being installed downtown now.  It mentions the need for "Compatibility" of the imported officers with the officers of the Tampa Police department.  Jane says they want cops on their best behavior.

This is definitely a pork barrel for the bought and paid for snitch culture which Florida is.  The Cops here all drive new cars and have nice houses, its their pay off for enforcing zions illegal taxes, its their cut.  And don't get caught stepping on the toes of the big boys, the politicos, the mobsters extraordinaire.  The cops are there to keep you from doing that, and if you do it you will go to their dungeons and maybe even get a leg broke. Law enforcement here, now, is the most lucrative industry of all, and the RNC is a reward type of duty for the good well behaved cops all around the state.  They might even get to meet some of their heroes.  Their masters.

It will be best if you do not rock the boat, comrades.  The security is immense, and you do not have a chance. Besides, this group paying the cops is going broke, and even though there is always enough manpower for this type of thing, the police are losing their careers and pensions as fast as the rest of you.  Faster perhaps, as private mercenary type law enforcement will become more and more necessary.  Think Blackwater, think Zetas, think Red Mafiyya.  Think survival in the land of the slaves and the home of the pee.

The police are generally not too swooft though, or they would be building things, or soldering something, or in orbit doing mechanical work, which is where they should be, not watching the rest of us for their zionist masters.  They have caused death of all types on our streets, the magic formula of alcohol and cops is a spectacle of spectacles, and amounts to gargantuan money and control.

The next generation of law enforcement is here now, thanks to the bush crime family, and because of this the elite are seeing that most law enforcement can be done with surveillance, economics, and behavior modifying electronics, propogated with antennae, active aurorae, and satellites...the machine is in place, the cops are just getting paid off and are a "Show" of force by the elite, intimidation, open and unapologetic intimidation.