Thursday, June 21, 2012

David Geek And A Sarah Palin Wannabe

Check out the words of wisdom from Hillsborough County Sheriff David Geek, and Tampas own Sarah Palin sound-alike Rita Wesley of the RNC Host Committee.  Well done kids, well done.

Btw the sheriffs name is really Gee, I say Geek because he HAS to be one being sheriff and all, those idiots think they are heroes, they are just bully boys for the zionists, to hell with them.  They are provocateurs to keep their measly government welfare checks coming, and yes, they do get government checks too, just like the meanest welfare recipient or other state babies.

I am are sincerely hoping David Gee(k) is not in cahoots with monied criminals here in the land of monied criminals, but maybe he is and we shall see.  Many of his kind are not stupid and certainly realize where the money is @, its in crime, otherwise you are not getting enough to live on here in the real Florida home of the Old Guard.

Hillsborough county sheriffs did rather despicable things to me in the past,  potentially fatal things, its how they are; very gestapo like, not-nice in the extreme.   I don't like any of those tax-sucking organisms, but these are my personal feelings, just so you know I do have reasons.