Thursday, June 21, 2012

The GO PARTY Card From The Host Committee Of The RNC

The host committee in charge of making sure a nice time is had by all at the republican national circus @ Tampa2012 is distributing about 30,000 local discount cards among conventioneers and other prospects this summer.

I am slightly alarmed by this card, this discount card, because it signals the republicans are getting...clever.  I believe they may be taking drugs.  At least the writers are, so maybe the republicans are not all a bunch of greedy hate mongers afterall.  Or perhaps they are changing.  We have Ron Paul to thank for any sanity that has inflitrated the butt heads and religious freaks of the grand old party.  Thanks Ron Paul.

Anyway, the discount card is called the GOParty Card, that means GO PARTY, Not GOP ARTY, can you dig it?  The GO PARTY Card is to be included in welcome bags being prepared for delegates and the media.

The media.  Oh that is rich.

That would be the zionist media I am sure.  Not for people who write or say the word jew, unless it is like the Jews are Great and Gods gift.  As if.  and OI.