Sunday, June 17, 2012

TBO Steps Right In It

Anarchists game plan for Tampa RNC unclear.

You heard it here folks.  Well, my guess is that the anarchists agenda would be anarchy, nothing unclear about that.

See how the Tampa wienies relate everything to games and game plans?  Its a marker trait of the Tampanese, or more correctly, the Tampa-knees.  I guess and whatever.  Games work well for them because they are somewhat cloistered it seems, inexperienced in reality, they have to relate it to something fun.  Maybe.  I really don't know why these Tampanese wienies are so, they just are.

Anarchy is not violence and mayhem, that is all well controlled by the zionists and their iron grip on our media and the judicial.  The cops and alcohol are a perfect match to create violence and mayhem, all well advertised on TV.

Anarchy is respect for each other without needing laws, and without having your behavior modified with energy weapons testing and all....wake up....Yes, everything certainly is the zionists fault, for a long time now.