Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watch The Sky During The RNC

Since understanding that the governmentt and its tax enforcement arm, the police forces, are just tools of the money mongers, zion, and since also understanding that the profit is in strife and chaos, and since further understanding that very large scale Microwave Laser and Ultrasonic directed energy weaponry has been used on crowds and other segments of the population for years now to instigate further mayhem and to further justify zions police state and taxing apparatus, we can see this allows interested parties to bust the unamerican scum as they go about this business of hate, by creating devices to detect and measure these otherwise invisible weapons.  the RNC tampa florida comes to mind as a place where large scale directed energy weaponry will be deployed via active auroral measures and building mounted beams....I am sure the preparations are going on now.  if the protestors came with electronic equipment to record the event and to bust the cops doing this commie activity, which in fact did originate with the kgb russia ie the vatican ( then.....  be forewarned that biotech is also used by these agents of zion the police, because it strengthens the performance of the radiant arsenal, and because it is just one more aspect of the invisible arsenal which was developed by the bush crime family in their gulf wars.  the democratic convention will also offer the same opportunity.  record the sky, and microwave/laser spikes, and ultrasonic activity near protests and crowds in general.