Monday, June 11, 2012

So The Sucking Up Begins...

I think this article says there may be twenty people trying very hard not to show how much they want to be buds with newt romney.  At this time.  Now that his ship has come in from israel.  In spite of what was said before, of course.  Thats politrix rix.  This is the kind of twit fodder you can always expect from the republicans, its what they are, and what they like.  Its how the networks were able to trick the stupid dunces into making a spectacle of their convention, alllllll that ugly tv, crie-man-nitly nutsy, which is representive of really a small number of people, and ding dongs at that.  Adios America, one book was good enough for you! 

 All the drama and fawning, the graceless and oft times violent shufflings and jockeyings for position amongst each other, all the while smiling and glad handing and talking to no one in particular.  I am now becoming amused, and this I like.  It makes all the embarassment more bearable, if that is possible.  And it is.  I anticipate a laugh or two as well.  I am sure I will not be disappointed.