Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rick Scotts Attempt At Voter Hocus Pocus Fails Miserably

jeb bush he ain't....Rick is much too honest and way out of his league trying to mix with the crooks of the GOP.  Rick has a lot ot learn, and will have to criminalize himself much more to be able to deal with the firefighters, and police, and other political garbage in the state of Florida.  Give us a call Rick, or drop us an email.  Crist became governor with the information I have (And also a good framing of jeb bush kept oh so secret for the time being....crist was promised a fast track to Washington because of the dirt he either uncoivered or created (or both) on bush...but like those rove/bush plans, that has all fallen through....if you want to be a criminal Rick, you have to think like one....forget all that corporate executive nonsense....when you learn how to deal with reality like the bush family does, and all the rest of the GOP hounds, then and only then will you get the unbridled power which you seem to crave.