Saturday, June 9, 2012

Being Tampanese Means Money Is President

This is perfect, this says it all.  Tampa is a great home for the RNC because all the idiotic federal reserve believers and their toadies like the Tampanese, have made it so that fundraising is the bottom line to election.  It no longer matters how good a candidate is, or how much they care about the welfare of their employers, the that matters is how much money you can raise, you are good for the job if you comply with the federal reserve policies of lying cheating stealing and screwing your neighbor.  Tampanese types believe that, oh yes they do, money is GOD here, and all the born-agains are damned good jews for being white boys.  In fact a lot of the jesus freaks in Tampa are BETTER jews than jews themselves, and that is perhaps what is truly behind all the zealotry and righteousness, which also serve as good cover for basic ignorance too.  Thats a win-win if you are Tampanese.