Friday, June 15, 2012

Bigger Than 2008, The Ron Paul Festival Will Happen

During the 2008 Republican convention Ron Paul was denied a speaking role, and his supporters organized another get together across town, which duly horrified the elite, and some were seen to be gnashing their teeth while saying over and over again: Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson...

Several yarmulkes were seen to catch fire, and the smell of burnt gifelte fish  filled the air.  The herring was purple not red, and the beets tasted like they were pickled in diesel fuel.  This, folks, was and is, kosher hell.

We can only wonder what will happen in Tampa now, with Ron Paul playing such a large part in republican politics at the convention "Proper" along with his own rally type convention once again. 

The old guard wants Romney, they are the religious rich people.  They are a very small group and shrinking.  Soon America must awaken to that fact.  And get the influence of they who want to destroy us the hell out of here.