Friday, June 22, 2012

Restaurants Gearing Up For RNC

There are hundreds if not thousands of fast food restaurants in Hillsborough county, I mean there are lots, its major, and because its such big business even regular restaurants are into the fast food thing, get 'em in and out with specials and thanks very much....most cities same.  Here the dunkin' donuts and the mcdonalds are lined up 24-7 in some places, which to me is like population control, the really fat and crippled are hobbling in for their sugar fixes, or driving through for their doses of food dope.

Checkers is as good as any burgers and prices reasonable and usually not as busy, many pizza places with specials, even cheap food is 7-10 bucks a meal to get full.  As always fruits and vegetables from markets and some prepared foods from deli counters can be better for your pocket, as well as your body.  Locally, like everywhere, there is just lots of competition for the dwindling food dollar as the world slowly ends according to israel.

Anyway.  The link below is an article about how some of the restaurants closest to the areas of interest will be dealing with the ebb and flow of what is probably going to be some sort of human tsunami for a few days.  The restaurants are waxing their boards, waiting on the swell.