Friday, June 8, 2012

St. Pete Spends Quarter Million $ On Security Cams For RNC

Florida is never short of paranoia. St. Pete Florida is almost beside itself, now that the republican circus is near, and is REALLY HAPPENING OMG!

 The haves may not outnumber the have-nots here, but it sure looks like that on the surface anyway.  Florida is one place the republicans can point to and say see!  our way works!  Which it does not, but those types always try to stack the odds, to cheat in any way possible.  Its only a game right?  All of life is just one big game, and we must win win win!

Yeppers.  Its the way they are.  They are all very stupid too.

Jocko-homo is their species.

Ron Paul, a member of their own party, is seeing this all graphically now.  Having been excluded from the jewish confab which was his ultimate undoing (It was of course planned that way), has opened many eyes, all across the world. 

A nice thing.  Its time the world wakes up to zionism and its sewer-think.