Monday, June 11, 2012

Ooohhhhh We Be Scared

Rick S. is a scary robot.  He may be mind controlled from a very young age.  He is thereby unable to see this in himself, of course.  He is a scary scary robot.  They don't call him Sanitarium for nothin'.

After stating that he wanted his delegates and other followers to go on to influence the Republican platform, Rick Santorum was then asked what specifically he was looking for in the platform, and to that he replied "Well, I like the platform we have right now."

Duhhhhhhhhhhh Rick, your Mind Control is showing.

And there you have it folks, lets hope Newt Romney Gives Rick Sanitarium the big green light to come aboard his ship of fools.  That will be truly fun to watch.  Jeb and Jorge Bush can cheerlead, and console Mark Rube.