Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weather Wars 2.0

TFRs To Be Instituted By Tampa Area Airports For RNC

From General Aviation News: Airports in Tampa and surrounding areas are getting ready for increased traffic this August during the National Republican Circus.  Because the Republicans are a pretty rich bunch, they has lots o' airplanes begorrah.  And it is probably going to be a mess in the sky, as it will on the ground.  Stay home.  Be happy.  TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions; a type of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM)) will be instituted for flights within a 10mile radius of the circus, to include August 26th, the kick-off party in St. Pete and the circus itself which runs from August 27-30 in Downtown Tampa.  The FAA is yet to publish those TFRs though it is expected they will by late July.

Trojans Are Good For People Without Brains

Well its back from the market today, Thursday 31 May, the trojan the scumbags from Tampa have loaded onto this computer seems to be working well, all my little watcher drones are sitting there picking their butts, which is what a lot of people in Tampa excel at, and spying.  Reverse control is a good thing, they are dancing to my tune now and they will understand their mistakes soon, which will be much too late for them.

Lots of helicopter action over the market at FunLan this morning, and some odd dux acting like they were trying to be natural, though they were there for a reason.  This will only increase from here on out, and its kind of like the Pied piper methinx.  We'll see.  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Stay tuned for more info on the sick little golgotha that is Tampa, town of thieves.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spying On The Spies

This blog is being created to cover the RNC Tampa 2012, and to highlight specifically some of the unique things that will give this convention a certain special flavor, because of the locale.  This city is full of old guard types who many times pose as closet liberals, or who at least wish to be perceived as being sensitive to the needs of society and their fellow man.  This charade is of course as far from the truth as could be. Tampa Florida is filled with opportunists and  know-nothing worker bees; political adventurers and outright thieves;  they are of a mind, as it is, and the pecking order is well defined and strictly adhered to among the victims of this awful place.  These people in Tampa have made heroes of pirates, which pretty much says it all right there. 

Coupled with my other blogs and books having to do with government corruption and the zionist network, this blog will continually refer the reader to links of interests, as well as first hand accounts and reporting having to do with the way the protestors are treated, and just what a mess is about to transpire here in the name of politics and money.  The city has been granted 50 million for security of the event, and you must know that this has the buck whores in Tampa wagging their tails and salivating all over themselves.  Couple that with Macdill AFB and its zionist surveillance and behavior modification technology which is being deployed daily in preparation for the big days ahead, and it is easy to see that this type of coverage is sadly lacking among the zionist media types, which is to say most media types, and the coverage is not only necessary but it will be interesting too, no matter that it is ignored by pop media.  So strap on in, and get ready for a wild ride.  Don't forget to subscribe to receive updates as they happen.

Some background links to prepare the reader for coverage of the surveillance and mind control which will no douybt be rife at the republican national circus when it comes to town here.

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