Friday, June 1, 2012

Zionist Republicans Willing To Pay Anything For This Election

Lets face it, after Ron Pauls exclusion from The Jewish Coalitions Presidential Candidates Forum, it became clear to many Americans there was high level collusion going on amongst the zionists running America now...the santorum gingrich romney team was well coached by the jewish leaders in how to overcome Americas last chance at shedding israeli influence from our government.  The zionists are scared, the Americans are waking up, in spite of the measure taken like control of the media, military, and currency.  Even that is not working for those scum bags though, so here is what they are planning on doing:  it is what they always do, what they think works everytime.  They are going to try to buy the election with mormon and jewish money combined, of which there is a lot. 

Congratulations to the Huffington Post for getting this information out.