Friday, June 1, 2012

Rick Scott: Political Opportunist

But then, we are all political opportunists, in a way.  Innit?

Rick Scott, the multimillionaire governor of Florida plans on using the republican national circus as a venue for his political ambitions.  Having achieved wealth in the highly regulated medical industry, Mr. Scott, political adventurer extraordinaire, was voted in as governor of Florida mostly by the hispanics here, but he was also given help from the tea party people who he now snubs.  From all the gushing and ego-shining we see from Mr. Scott whenever he addresses the press, we can see that he is a little rich kid who needed new toys, those toys being the political power of government.  He is not beyond stalking, or enlisting the police or other state employees to assist him in hassling activists or people he wants something from, for free, though he is rather heavy handed about it, even clumsy.  Be careful Rick.

Mr. Scotts latest plan to garner political power for his personal pleasure is To greet arrivals at Tampa Airport as they arrive for the RNC, and to also have his political announcements and ads put into the shuttles at the airport here.  Rick Scott seems to know full well the power of government, and though inexperienced politically, he is enjoying his new toys a lot it seems.  These are recorded announcements, he will not be on hand personally, or it has not been said so, yet.

Rick Scott is also using his new found powers to monkey with the voting in Florida, but he comes from a long line of that, jeb bush was the reason his borhter was elected, and the republicans will do anything to win.  Their outlook on life is its a game, and even though people die regularly over their lies and funny business, they yuk yuk about it and treat it as if thats how a team wins.  Team work works for them almost exclusively because they do not have individual power amongst any of their own sad selves.

Rick Scott suffered another defeat today though, as a federal judge struck down part of a new voting law signed by Rick Scott in 2011.

From Miami Herald (linked to article):

A federal judge on Thursday struck down a key part of Florida’s recently revamped election laws, saying the Legislature’s restrictions have made it “risky business” for third-party groups to register new voters.U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle told the state it cannot require groups to submit voter-registration forms within 48 hours or face $1,000 fines. Nor can the state force those groups to disclose names of volunteers who don’t collect the forms, Hinkle ruled.

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