Saturday, June 2, 2012

Party Down In Tampa Town XXX

In my limited experience with conventions I have noticed one thing:  some raucous and even chaotic stuff goes down once the business of the day is done.  The Conventions and the politicians are all about preserving the good life for the few, while feeding off the many, even though The Many leaves precious little to squeeze anymore.  The Many have squealed, died, and are rotting, to be blunt.  This should be obvious but Americans do not get the best of informations from their corporate media, so maybe a lot of this needs to be explained, and I am doing it.  Here is some information about the partiers caterers.  Thats not very poetic I know, but its what it is.

In addendum, it is already reported that the California Convention has booked space at a local and popular nightclub.

There are many other plans taking place now and the list grows daily.  See the article above for specific times and places.

2 June 2012
Here is a link to an article from concerning adult entertainment available to convention goers, and how the internet plays a big part in its promotion.

3 June 2012 ran another piece on this phenomenon today, here.

Sun Sentinel also picked it up here. 

June 4 2012

Because Tampa is just one big whore house, a lot of people are trying to get the business of the conventioneers, including the xxx business people here, and they are many....the two big industries in Tampa now are sex and law enforcement, so there you go.  Its like that in the whole country.  The United States Of Israel.

June 8th

July 4th