Sunday, June 3, 2012

If Ron Paul Can't Win, Mitt Romney Can't Win

The zionists among us, who are very few but very powerful, excluded Ron Paul from the Jewish Coalition Confab, where mitt and newt and rick were well coached on how to cheat and stack the odds against the proponent of America Ron Paul.  But Ron Paul knows all this, although his ideas of decorum disallow him speaking about it out loud.  I have no such compunctions.  The Zionists created 911 to take over here and to pump trillions of our dollars overseas, where they and they alone  have access to it, and to insititute a technology of control disguised as rainmaking and environmental modification, but which is super surveillance and behavior modification being used to overcome the second amendment, or, rather, to just nullify it, by nullifying Americans minds.  What good are your guns if you can be put to sleep at the push of a button?  Look in the sky.  Count the antennae.  Active aurorae are not natural, nor are the lines of particulate that feed them.  Review the HAARP patent in depth, and read the book DEVILVISION.

The Ron Paul people, myself included, will never get behind the annointed zionist Romney, the idiot vomited out of new zion, out there in Utah, which is what the Mormons Call Their Home.