Wednesday, June 6, 2012

hydrant headed monster

Tampa is worried about protestors and mayhem.  But then the scared ratz of Tampa are always worried about that, its called a collective guilty conscience.  They usually overlook the important and/or meaningful stuff though, a little something you can count on, from me to you.

Read my book Devilvision, then observe the sky and notice any funny antennae around, you will more than likely see intentional electronic provocation, developed and perfected in the gulf war, and brought home to .........  ehhhhhh  ....... roost.  Brought to you by the Macdilldoes, in this case.  Some is drone deployed, some by vehicle, and there may be semi-permanent installations.  The first time the public noticed this was at that woodstock concert in Rome NY quite a while back, where the guys on Griffiss were microwaving the party goers across the fence, it caused riots and general mayhem, which is of course justification for the police state and military build up.

Big business.

Getting this yet?

Its being done to you.

And to all the Tampa wienies:  you fear the wrong people.