Monday, June 4, 2012

Cleaning Up Ybor Yet Again

This filed today at by a cretin name Hooper:  The city council in Tampa will be voting whether or not to change some signs written in spanish in Ybor City to read correctly in spanish, before the Republican National Circus.  There is a mystery about how that happened in the first place, and it seems as if there is some sort of collective embarassment, or even guilt, going on out on the fringe of it which I will have to look into next.  Anyway, this guy Hooper, not Hooperez, not Hooperoza, not even Hoopera, just plain old Hooper, dared to be critical of this decision as if.  Listen Hooper, get Catholic before you talk down the well founded and deep seated reasoning behind hispanic guilt in Tampa, or hispanic guilt anywhere, yo.  And also get real.  I understand its your opinion and all, but since when does that mean anything to the Tampa City Council.  Are you paying them directly Hoops?  If not forget it.  This is my opinion of course and as well.  But it is founded in reality, not loftiness or even naievete.