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DEVILVISION: My Book About ENMOD Chapter 7

Devilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

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Chapter 7

Military Use Of Active Auroral, Phased Array, and Satellite Technologies

In my opinion, the military establishment still believes that the survival of the military organism is worth the sacrifice of the lives and health of large segments of the American population.
Dr. Robert O. Becker, Author:
The Body Electric, and Others.

Perhaps the most devastating fact of climatic mayhem is the evidence that it is actually desired and facilitated by the U.S. military, aerospace, defense and intelligence establishment. The extent of the subterfuge we as American citizens face from our leadership, and our media institutions, can be mildly gleaned from the above [Report]. Unfortunately, this is but the tip of the weather warfare and environmental modification iceberg. The material here is readily available to the general (world) public. Given that an individual outside the classified sectors of government can so easily access this information, we can take this as a powerful testament to the vast assortment of information, research, and development that must exist, and retain classification, within the defense and intelligence arena...The military ENMOD programs and their goals are predicated on widespread devastation, environmental calamity, and loss of life in the so-called developing world to the (mistakenly) perceived benefit of powerful monied interests in the West.
Keith Harmon Snow (1)

Counter-personnel Effects on DoD Wish List: Government sources clearly list the "non-lethal counter-personnel capabilities" that the United States Department of Defense wants to acquire in the next 10 to 20 years....some excerpts indicate that the DoD foresees development of counter-personnel weapons that "will attack a target's senses or cognitive/motor capabilities," namely the person's ability to smell, taste, feel, hear and see. The wish list clearly includes "emotion" and "motor skills" on the shopping list. Perhaps most interesting about this list is the prediction of "accurate, long-range payload delivery along with a non-lethal delivery means." The editors...assume this must be a reference to "non-lethal" chemical weapons, delivered as mortar rounds. But could this also be a reference to the use of space-based vehicles and directed energy weapons? [Or Chemical Sprayings/Broadcast Energies adjunct to ENMOD?] The research and development of space-based psychotronic weapons would fit this wish-list admirably.

Dial A Storm

Humankind's ability to manipulate the weather is indisputable, and ongoing. It is a program whose roots run deep, even into prehistory. Rainmakers have been plying their trade nearly forever, with what is reported as only sporadic success. Categorized with the shaman, medicine man, and magician, rainmakers have gained a supernatural reputation throughout history, although this appears to be changing. Through the use of super powerful microscopes and computers, the lines between magic and science are becoming blurred, and much that was thought to be the realm of ghosts is now, through the revelations of quantum mechanics, becoming known as real physical reality, and therefore calculable and manipulable.

One good example of this modern understanding is Professor John Von Neumann (Deceased), member of the Manhattan Project, and Quantum Mechanics Pioneer, who was also the originator of an idea to apply colorant to the polar caps so that the ice would be induced to melt, in order to create accelerated global warming, a desired effect among thinking people. Von Neumann is also credited with inventing modern single memory computer architecture (Von Neumann Architecture), as well as making great inroads in computer modeling of hydrodynamics, which has weather prediction/modification aspects of high sort. John Von Neumann was very pro-active with his ideas, and though he strove for predictive abilities concerning the weather, he was also interested and involved in manipulating it too. Beside all that, John Von Neumann was known to be quite a party animal in his life, and he died at a relatively young age (54), in great pain, from cancers believed to be a direct result of his activity in the Manhattan Project. He died under military guard, so he would not be able to divulge any deathbed secrets. (2)

The profuse information concerning modern weather control which is available from numerous sources, spanning many decades (See Appendices), are readily available and unclassified today. Sources such as the Wall Street Journal have covered weather control many times, and still do. To wit:

October 2, 1992: The Wall Street Journal reported that a Russian
company called "Elate Intelligent Technologies, Inc.," sells weather control equipment by using the advertising slogan, "Weather Made to Order".

And more:

"Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones", by Chen May Yee, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 13, 1997, page A19.

The above articles are just a drop in the rainmaking bucket, if you will pardon the pun, and truthfully, weather control has gone well beyond rainmaking, into the arena of weaponry, attacks, devastation, death, and all the other tawdry details one normally associates with the military industrial complex and its leadership by war.


One of the main characteristics of the militaries environmental modification program is its apparent and unnatural marriage with companies like the Monsanto Corporation. Yes, that's the same Monsanto family who acquired a large amount of their early wealth in the slave trade, before that trade was abolished. (1) Is it a marriage of convenience, necessity, or passion? Or is it a straight up and sleazy adulterous promiscuity?

Monsanto owns or holds rights and patents to a vast number of processes and systems having to do with agriculture and fresh water. They also own many sub-companies working in the same realm; the overall goal seems to be the formation of monopolies on food and water. When considered along with some of the government activities of the last few decades, this all amounts to a total control of people in general. The slow but steady evolution toward all this is well documented and simply a matter of public record, ad nauseum.

Monsanto has also partnered with international financiers whenever possible, setting its sights on providing food and fresh water to a hungry and thirsty world. This means supplying necessities unparalleled in their scope and use. This is the first rule of corporate-federal business: sell what people need, and that comes right before the second rule of corporate-federal business which is: if there is no ready market available, then MAKE one.

Due to mismanagement, greed, and global overpopulation born of unthinking irresponsibility, good fresh water is quickly becoming as scarce as Redwoods, and Monsanto spells that
O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y. Following in the footsteps of such mismanagers and criminals as the Federal Reserve, and other corporate/government entities/agencies who were to look after American interests, but did not, Monsanto has begun to lead the pack in parasitic voraciousness.

So. A monopoly on fresh drinking water, imagine that. People think gas prices are bad, just wait until a corporation like Monsanto finally builds a monopoly on these most necessary ingredients of life itself! Public funds are being made available everywhere to address the global fresh water shortage, and Monsanto wants a big piece of that pie, if not the entirety.

From a 1999 Monsanto strategy paper:

"First we believe that discontinuities (either major policy changes or major trendline breaks in resource quality or quantity) are likely, particularly in the area of water, and we will be well positioned via these businesses to profit even more significantly when these discontinuities occur. Second, we are exploring the potential of non-conventional financing (NGO's, World Bank, USDA etc.) that may lower our investment or provide local country business building resources."

Bad news for the world is good news for Monsanto! Pollution and depletion of water resources means big dollars by converting an environmental disaster into a lucrative corporate market, and this will be made available to all through a variety of credit options, including micro-credit.

More Monsanto Strategy:

"The business logic of sustainable development is that population growth and economic development will apply increasing pressure on natural resource markets. These pressures and the world's desire to prevent the consequences of these pressures if unabated, will create vast economic opportunity...when we look at the world through the lens of sustainability we are in a position to see current and foresee impending resource market trends and imbalances that create market needs. We have further focused this lens on the resource market of water and land. These are the markets that are most relevant to us as a life sciences company committed to delivering "food, health and hope" to the world, and there are markets in which there are predictable sustainability challenges and therefore opportunities to create business value."

Monsanto projected revenues of $420 million and net income of $63 million by 2008 from its water businesses in India and Mexico. It is expected that by the year 2010 two point five (2.5) billion people globally will be without safe drinking water. At least 30% of the population in China, India, Mexico and the United States are expected to face severe water shortages. By the year 2025 India's water situation will be equally bleak: supply is expected to be around 700 cubic kilometers per year while demand is expected to rise to 1050 units. Control over the necessity of water means guaranteed profits. If any clandestine efforts are made to exacerbate this stress concerning fresh water, profits will only climb higher.

Enter ENMOD, and the secret technologies of control.

According to John Bastin of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development: "Water is the last infrastructure frontier for Private investors."

Monsanto considers the initial fresh water market to be worth several billion dollars, with growth practically ensured. The need for fresh drinking water is in fact growing at around 30% in rural communities yearly, and Monsanto views the public expenditures being earmarked to alleviate the anticipated shortages as money which would be better off in its corporate coffers. (2)

It is no coincidence that a large portion of the vast and far reaching Environmental Modification programs undertaken by the U.S. Government since the appointed president gained power have to do with water: things like magnetohydrodynamics, modification of large water vapor bodies, and rainmaking/drought creation are described as weaponry in various government publications such as "Owning The Weather By 2025" (Appendix F). The terminology for ENMOD used in war revolves around the word DENIAL, and that fact, along with the close relations of modern government to corporate entities like the Monsanto Corporation, should make everyone who reads this feel as far removed from warm and fuzzy as it is possible to get. To be blunt, this should raise the hackles on ones neck.

The massive spraying of particulate powders in the skies of the world and across America on a nearly daily basis since 911 gets explained away as just normal jet traffic, or rainmaking, or, more often than not, these obvious occurrences are forthrightly denied. One needs only look skyward to understand that all those excuses and non-informations propounded by government are simply distractions and lies. When the effects of these sprayings, which include stagnation of thinking abilities, are calculated in with the blatant lies and dissembling of all government officials concerning ENMOD operations, one may see that a hidden agenda is being achieved, and that agenda seems to disclude most people alive today. (3)

As addressed in previous chapters, the various particulate powders that are being sprayed in Americas skies daily since 911 perform many different functions when combined with solar energy and antennae broadcast HF energies, though many of the particulates like barium oxide are known desiccants, perhaps explaining a lot of the chronic drought America is undergoing now. This outlook does not appear to be improving, either.

This is very good news for Monsanto and their unnatural mate, the United States governent though; it is postulated by a few researchers that at this rate the cost of water per gallon will exceed that of gasoline, in relatively short order. The possibility is now certainly real. If this was not a long term and well calculated attack on America, it would be difficult to conceive a better one.

These cross-platform groups in government, banking, and the corporate world seem utterly intent on creating a type of control which equates to true imprisonment; by first creating inescapable and omnipresent debt, then using that as springboard to rewrite laws favoring them and theirs, monopolies on essential products like food and water may then be formed. Those monopolies, once in place, become the invisible bars of an invisible prison, which is all pervasive, and dehumanizing in the extreme. This methodology is the way of royalty, and has been since earliest recorded history.

In addition to partnering with government and world banking groups for the creation of agricultural monopolies, Monsanto has been buying out possible competitors or those with proprietary technologies at a fantastic pace. Many joint ventures are also being cooked up between various international interests outside of those stated. These joint ventures have been picked so that:

"Monsanto can achieve management control over local operations but not have legal consequences due to local issues."

Woe Be We

To say the government of Americas appointed president is corrupt, is an understatement of magnitude. Only the praise-the-lord-send-me-a-check crowd (2a) are sufficiently deficient to believe this present government is a beneficial thing, and that is because they are ve$ted in believing that. This is all made worse by the many blatant couplings of government power and corporate power. Homelessness, hunger, and financial ruin are now common among the United States citizenry, while the federal reserve spends billions of tax payer dollars bailing out its own banks, and spending even more on a self-serving, barbaric, and cruel overseas imperialism very much akin to apartheid.

These couplings of corporations and state are only quasi-legal at best, and/or plainly criminal in most cases. The police state is now just tax enforcement, enforcing the decrees of the corporatocracy and its mate the federal theocracy; America has turned into a great game of grab as grab can. This two headed monster of corporate interests and government have created what can only be termed Hydraulic Tyranny, which is gaining momentum and speed as we speak, headed toward the inevitable hairpin turn of disaster and strife.

The fact that the various government technologies of ENMOD can literally enforce the Monsanto patents and business plan is most definitely cause for alarm. Irradiation of the planets surface via active auroral plasmas and/or selective atmospheric depletions will help cause drought and will probably cause all seeds to become terminator seeds in a very short period of time because of the excessive and damaging types of radiation involved.

And that is another monopoly Monsanto has its eye on -- agricultural seeds; the Monsanto goal is to create what they call genetically modified terminator seed strains, and this program is already well along in its development. It is designed to remove viable plant genetics from the marketplace. This business plan will ensure that viable farm seed only becomes available through Monsanto and companies it controls: and the seeds must be replaced yearly.

In 1996, Monsanto bought the biotechnology assets of Agracetus, a subsidiary of W.R. GRACE, for $150 million and Calagene, a California based plant biotechnology company for $340 million. In 1997, Monsanto acquired Holden seeds, the Brazilian seed company Sementes Agrocerus and Asgrow. In 1998 Monsanto purchased Cargill's seed operations for $1.4 billion. It bought Delta & Pine Land company for $1.82 billion and Dekalb for $2.3 billion. It bought Unilever's European wheat breeding business for $525 million. In India Monsanto has bought Mahyco, Maharashtra Hybrid Company, E.I.D. Parry and Rallis.

As stated: the goal of this activity is to corner the seed market, to create a monopoly so that no seed will grow on its own, it must be genetically modified to do so. Many strains of these Monsanto genetically modified seeds are already in existence in fact, genetically designed so that first or second generation fruits from these seeds will still produce seeds, but they will not sprout and grow. These terminator varieties are bad bad news, as they are undoing positive genetics that have evolved over many millennia, and they are undoing it quickly. Another gray goo scenario, according to some. The spraying of desiccant materials as if there is no tomorrow is yet another indicator that things are not the least bit kosher here in the land of amber waves of grain.

It is proven that a lot of these genetically modified (GM) creations actually breed across barriers, effecting normal plants as the GM pollen spreads, so that even once viable strains take on the terminator or other GM qualities. A nearly 10 year old report by has stated:

On November 11 1999, the US government ordered the biotech company, ProdiGene, to destroy 500,000 bushels of soybeans contaminated with GM material, engineered to produce a drug not approved for human consumption [4]. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) refused to give details on the protein involved because it is deemed ‘confidential business information’. It could be one of the following [5]: the HIV glycoprotein gp120, a blood-clotting agent (aprotinin), a digestive enzyme (trypsin), an industrial adhesive (a fungal enzyme, laccase), vaccines for hepatitis B, vaccine for a pig disease, transmissible gastroenteritis. USDA records show that ProdiGene has received 85 test permits for experimental open-air trials of pharm crops and chemical crops in at least 96 locations. The ‘edible’ AIDS vaccine with the HIV glycoprotein gp120 gene [6] has been condemned as dangerous by a number of AIDS virologists [7-9] because the gp120 gene and gene product can undermine our immune system and generate new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. A day later, the US government disclosed that ProdiGene did the same thing in Iowa back in September. The USDA ordered 155 acres of nearby corn to be incinerated for fear of contamination [10,11]. this is just the tip of the iceberg..."

In a word, these monopolistic schemes by Government and the Monsanto Corporation are diabolical. They equate to nothing so much as Agricultural Terrorism against the people of the world.

One important facet of this Active Auroral Agri-Terrorism is called Ground heating, or Ground Irradiation. These radiation exposures being generated experimentally through the use of active auroras are huge, and commonplace now.

Ground irradiation is accomplished by a variety of ENMOD techniques that can be created macro with active aurora plasmas, atmospheric depletions (Which introduce unfiltered or only slightly filtered solar energy to the ground) satellite powered energies, or a combination thereof. The results of these experiments result in macro ground irradiation, which is also well known for removing viability from normal seed materials, yet another pattern of government enforcing corporate interests through actual destruction of beneficial situations. Market creation. Agri-terrorism.


The irradiation of foods and drinks with a view to ensure their preservation has developed discretely over the years.  But this process provokes chemical changes...In general the public is poorly or badly informed about the conservation of foods by irradiation, and all sorts of confusion arise: many inaccurate remarks have been heard on this subject, the agri-food professionals have a good game presenting the detractors of this process as ignorant alarmists.  Many different sorts of irradiation exist according to the nature of the
radiation used and their power, with highly variable results, changing also according to the nature of the foods treated.  This diversity, with some bad faith, allows the denial of all the dangers of irradiation...Radiation at the lowest doses prevents, by stopping cellular division, the germination of cereal grains, but above all of tubers (potatoes do not wither because of germination; the same for bulbs - onions, garlic,
shallots...Radiation at distinctly higher levels attacks insects (bees) by making them sterile, them or their immediate descendants.  Then, at a higher level, insects cannot molt, to grow, and if it is still stronger they are killed....In the case of moderate irradiation, organisms (insects, fungi, bacteria) undergo a modification to their genetic code.  For most of the time, this profound mutation of structure and physiology leads to death, but other times, rarer, it can render the organism more aggressive, better adapted to the function of producing poisons...When this happens to organisms which multiply themselves very rapidly, such as bacteria, their power of mutation is considerably increased, in short a risk appears of unknown infections, dangerous and difficult to treat......


As logged by this author during the past 4 years, radiation damage due to ENMOD operations in New Mexico over the 2005 season, and beyond, have become well documented both photographically and in written records. Deformation of seeds was noted, and some plants themselves exhibited stark evidence that the environment has changed in radical, irregular ways in the last few years. (4)

The program of ground irradiation and environmental modification utilizing the vast powers of Active Auroral technology is multi-tiered, and largely kept secret. One aspect, whether intentional or not, is the enforcement of GM patents by making all seeds terminator seeds with invisible but very powerful radiations.

Climatic mayhem is actually desired as a means to job security for the rising military police state in America. As long as the technology remains secret, total deniability is possible, while opponents can be attacked with military force, and with impunity.

Eyes And Ears In The Sky

Perhaps the greatest military asset is the orbiting satellite. The first eavesdropping satellite of the United States was launched in 1960 and was called the Galactic Radiation and Background experiment (GRAB). Since then, the number of surveillance satellites and their capabilities have been kept fairly secret, though the declassification of some of the earlier Keyhole Surveillance Satellites has revealed much. These earlier Keyhole type satellites have, since their declassification, become available for public and corporate use. Some of the satellite imagery available on the internet are these decommissioned machines.

Intelligence Operations have depended on the Keyhole type satellites, and others like them, for some decades now. The amount and type of information they purvey is unequaled, and is largely responsible for giving the United States its present military superiority worldwide. It is thought that the name of these satellites, Keyhole, is derived from the fact that the information garnered is just as if the operator is able to peer through a keyhole, into the private rooms of those being spied upon. One mention of these satellites, by Bob Woodward, in his 1987 book "VEIL: The Secret Wars Of The CIA", reads thus:

“.....The morning messages from Langley Operations Center highlighting occurrences overnight came in a separate folder. Another folder contained the embassy and station reports routed for his (CIA Director Casey’s) attention. He received a nice crisp copy of the beautifully printed Presidents Daily Brief (PDB), ten pages of the best intelligence that went each morning to Reagan, Haig, and Weinberger. The National Intelligence Daily (NID), a less sensitive but none-the-less Top Secret code word document was circulated to hundreds in the government -- and Casey. Occasional blue-border human source reports were hand carried to him throughout the day. Big red folders marked TOP SECRET TALENT KEYHOLE -- the code words for overhead surveillance -- arrived, containing reports of satellite and other reconnaissance photography...”

These keyhole satellites have been steadily improved over the last few decades; the surveillance they are capable of is nearly unbelievable, especially to people not normally exposed to the technology. Through-Roof Radar of high resolution, Voice Recognition, and much more, are just normal attributes of the newer satellites. As well, new facets of quantum energy technology are being developed at a frenetic pace, being added constantly to satellite capabilities, allowing these eyes and ears in the sky to view the ground below with an unprecedented clarity, to even monitor conversations of individuals. Furthermore, some of these satellites are capable of advanced tomographical operations (Chapter 5), including earth penetrating. Advanced EPT satellites are said to be able to look into the earth nearly 1/2 mile, with excellent resolution, and this may be a conservative figure.

Once the world became subject to American spy satellites, then came a program of domestic spying, with various rationale being literally invented so that civil rights of Americans would necessarily take a back seat to the predations of the government here, which, again, has been usurped quietly by a world elite through takeover and subsequent control of the currency and judicial system. Americas laws have been rewritten to allow these transgressions, and most Americans are totally clueless. The so-called war on terror is just the latest use of emergency war powers to justify a monstrous and huge anti-privacy being perpetrated by the foreign elite and the military in America. The public believes that domestic spying and harassment of dissidents could never happen here, and as mentioned, most are totally unaware of the ramifications of things like war powers acts which accompany any declaration of war, and which nullify large portions of the constitution. Again: these are written to be rescinded, but never are, like the income tax. Even if that was the case, and there were actually real laws concerning domestic spying and harassment, the astute observer would do well to consider the below statement very carefully:

"This whole thing is so bizarrely powerful that the opportunity or temptation for abuse is fairly substantial," says Mr. Pike of the American Federation of Scientists (sic). "How many people in your organization always obey the rules? The notion that NSA or any other of these spy networks is the only large organization in human history in which everyone always obeys the rules just flies in the face of common sense..." The New Space Invaders - Spies In The Sky, by Peter Goodspeed of the National Post (Saturday, February 19, 2000).

Some of the satellites installed around the earth by the United States Military most definitely possess Environental Modification properties too. Patents 5,984,239, and 4,402,480 are only two among a plethora of weather modification satellite schemes, showing that this idea has not just been conceived, but has progressed well into the development stages. These of course are all unclassified documents, so one can imagine what remains hidden within the vaults of classification:

United States Patent
Udell September 6, 1983
Atmosphere modification satellite
The Atmosphere Modification Satellite is intended to be the beginning of a possible worldwide network of satellites designed to improve Earth through application of techniques and monitoring resulting in atmosphere modification. Energy sources of said satellite consist of: solar, electrical, energy particle beam(s), laser and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).
At proper plane(s) of orbit, the satellite is capable of identifying target areas and administering "M-Probes" to monitor, sample and/or modify the atmosphere. There is no limit to the number of types of atmosphere modification the satellite will perform.

5984239 - November 16, 1999 - Weather modification by artificial satellite

A Satellite Weather Modification System (SWMS) uses earth satellites to harness solar energy to modify the thermodynamics and composition of the earth's atmosphere. SWMS has three subsystems: The first subsystem includes a network of earth satellites called Satellite Engines (SEs) used to reflect solar energy and/or transform solar energy into other forms of energy beams discharged at specified locations. The media at these locations and the media through which the energy beams pass absorb these energies and change them into heat. The second subsystem includes a large network of Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs). These sensors are used to measure local media compositions, dynamic parameters and thermodynamic properties. Sensor measurements are fed back to the third subsystem, which includes a network of Ground Control Stations (GCSs). GCSs provide energy beam guidance by estimating each beam's characteristics and its aim point trajectory as functions of time. Integration of these three subsystems establishes a sensor feedback energy beam guidance and control loop. SWMS's weather modification applications include alteration of precipitation, reclaiming of wasteland, reducing damage by bad weather, and improving environment. Its non-weather related applications include supplying concentrated energy to electricity generating stations (solar, wind and hydro), high latitude greenhouse farms, and solar powered airplanes.

Addendum: Some of the U.S. Governments favorite drones are solar powered. The keyword for that invention is Helios.

Active Auroral Talent Keyholes

In line with the militaries need to snoop on Americans, and the world, is the real occurrence (No matter how well hidden or denied) of active auroras as eavesdropping devices. Almost any circuitry that can be hardwired on the ground, can now be created in a virtual manner via manipulating the palette of particulates and energy types available for deployment skyward.

Bernard Eastlund, inventor of the HAARP program and holder of that patent (Patent #4,686,605), stipulates that this electronic active auroral technology is extremely powerful in its abilities, some of which include eavesdropping:

"...Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earths Atmosphere at strategic locations, and maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise than heretofore accomplished by prior art, particularly by the detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes...Disruption of communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention....knowledge of the various EM waves being employed and how they will vary in frequency and magnitude can be used to an advantage for positive communication, and eavesdropping purposes at the same time...

By studying this patent in its entirety (Appendix D) the reader will begin to see that active auroral technology is not only real, but well developed and applicable to many electrical and electronic purposes. The existence of active auroral keyholes deploying surveillance electronics has been rife since at least September 11 2001, and the photographic evidence alone is huge. Couple that with the documentation available, and it is not possible to deny the evidence of these operations which are being used as advanced surveillance and behavior modification technology in America today.

Lets not forget the many advanced imaging technologies which make use of broadcast or beam energies: these too may be constructed and utilized via active aurora technologies by manipulating the various plasma types of the aurora with antennae and satellites. This is a multitiered system whose composition and possible configurations are practically infinite. The fact that most of these energy technologies are not visible to the naked eye is another reason to doubt the official explanations and to question authority in every way.

ECHELON and Satellites

One domestic spying program which has come to light in the last decade or so is a project called ECHELON. ECHELON is a popular term used to describe a global network of signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection apparatus which
automatically searches many millions, if not billions, of phone calls, faxes, emails, telex communiques, and more, by matching keywords to extensive and constantly updated lists/processors called ECHELON Dictionaries. These dictionaries contain both parent agencies keywords, and lists for other agencies within the network. Some of these agencies are the NSA, GCHQ, DSD, GCSB and CSE. (5)

Most reports concerning ECHELON focus on the networks ability to intercept and record satellite communications. What exact role the satellites play in this information mining has been kept secret, and any answers to questions concerning this aspect of ECHELON do not appear to be forthcoming anytime soon. Great efforts have been made to downplay ECHELON, and its domestic spying here in the United States, and it is not stretching the truth at all to state that had not some researchers discovered ECHELON and brought it to the publics attention back in the 1990's the program would more than like still be totally secret. This too instigates further thought concerning just what remains under wraps. Many say we are only seeing the very smallest tip of the iceberg, and that has been proven, to the satisfaction of many, and in many different ways.

Odder Crops

An interesting addendum concerning the myriad satellites which are strewn about the earth in necklace-like fashion, and are being used by global military forces for Ultra-Surveillance, Environmental Modification, Behavior Modification, and more:

Mysterious "Crop Circles" created by US Military Weapon?
Rodney Bleckstyne
Translation by George Hoskins

[Crop Circles] have been observed mainly in the south of England (Hampshire, Wiltshire…) since the 60s, and more recently all over the world. To the present day their number has been estimated to at least 5,000 [LP98]....In the beginning it was a question of ears of wheat found flattened down to ground level in the form of a circle. Since then the phenomenon has become considerably complex and diversified. Nowadays the patterns found in fields are large up to some hundreds of metres in size, and complex geometric shapes (see an example fig. 5-a) completed in a very short time such as less than half a minute [PDCA89 p. 156 and LP98]. Many hypotheses have been examined, including that of extraterrestrials because UFOs have often been observed in the vicinity [PDCA89 p. 17, 35, 38, 63, 68, 84, 89 and 98], sometimes casting a luminous ray towards the ground [p. 115]....It is likely that these geometric designs are due to the firing of an aerial military microwave cannon, piloted by computer. The arguments supporting this view are as follows:

Why Microwaves: Research by Dr Levengood (of BLT Research Team), an American biophysicist, corroborated by the analyses of Ken Larsen, a British biologist, has shown that the way in which the stalks (wheat, rapeseed…) are flattened without
being broken or damaged [p. 25…] is typical of a UHF microwave effect. Thus one can see stalks of rapeseed curving at 90 degrees, the flowers of which are still intact, although those same rapeseed stalks break easily when one attempts to bend them over by hand [p. 151]. The new position taken up by
the plant becomes fixed. It continues to grow horizontally [p. 3 and 158] and breaks if one tries to return it to the upright position [p. 140]. Phenomena of electromagnetic origin have been observed at the locations: irregular compass behaviour [p. 172], disturbance of electrical apparatus [p. 44, 60 and 172-173], disturbance of radio frequencies, luminous flashes
[p. 34, 52, 65 and 95], cracking sounds [p. 52, 63, 66 and 172-173], animals obviously unwell [p. 65 and 81], ...temporary paralysis, mental confusion, loss of memory, terror…) have also
been observed...[LP98]. Let us remember that certain effects could also be explained by a reaction of fertilisers or pesticides subjected to microwave radiation, a reaction which could release toxic gases [LP98, who mentions organic phosphates]. The appearances of luminous flashes and the
cracking sounds are not inevitably objective phenomena and they could be only feelings induced in the brain of the witness by an electromagnetic field. Albert Budden gives an example of such magnetophosphenes: "If the brain of the subject is exposed to an [alternating] magnetic field whose
frequency varies from 10 to 100 Hz and whose power varies from 200 to 1,000G, the subject will see flashes of light [...] in the top left corner of his visual field." [AB98 p. 59-60, citing research by L. Ruttan, M. Persinger and S. Koren]. A bird was found within one particular formation and its body appeared literally to have exploded, as if it had been cooked alive in a microwave oven. In other formations some dried out hedgehogs were discovered [LP98]. More than 50% of the circles observed in England have appeared during cloudy or rainy weather: the cloud cover would allow the origin of the microwave firing to be hidden. Microwaves are able to pass through clouds and act through falling rain, and they are perhaps less damaging to plants when it is raining. Certain patterns suggest the use of a rotating beam with variable diameter according to the circles in question [PDCA89 p. 156], which might correspond to either the natural or deliberate dispersion of a maser beam, fired from a
high altitude. The diameter is estimated to be less than 30 centimetres at a distance of 20 kilometres.
Why by Computer: The geometric designs observed today are typical of those one can see on computers: 3D designs, fractal designs… Certain patterns are, mathematically speaking, pretty complex...The designs are drawn very rapidly, by day and by night, sometimes in front of witnesses who report seeing the ears of wheat flattening out in front of them in a few dozens of seconds. Three accounts of this type have been
recorded up to the present day, coming from known and trustworthy witnesses [LP98]... Why an Aerial Shooting: There are no traces of access to the sites even when the field is not lined by tractor tracks, or when the ground is muddy [PDCA89 p. 68, 107, 113 and 155]. We must remember that a field of mature rapeseed cannot be crossed on foot because the plants (as high as 1,50 metres) are tightly interwoven. There are sometimes broken or burned tree branches directly above the circles [p. 174 and 184]. Why by the Military: HPM (High Power Microwave) technology is used by the military today for destroying enemy electronic equipment. President Reagan’s "Star Wars" (SDI) proposed the setting up of various antimissile laser devices. Let us mention only the GBL (Ground-Based Laser), a ground cannon aimed at a reflecting satellite which sends the light beam to a combat satellite mirror, and the SBL (Space-Based Laser) which aims directly at the target. Even if the global project has been abandoned, some of its devices may have been completed on a small scale. The firing can also be carried out from a plane (airborne laser) or a dirigible balloon positioned at a height of 20 kilometres and stabilised for example by ionic propulsion engines. As the reader will appreciate, the necessary technical means appear to be accessible only to the military.

In 1991, a crop circle design appeared in front of the country residence of the British Prime Minister John Major, pointing towards the house. Obviously this dwelling was under strict surveillance because of a fear of IRA terrorist
acts. What other organisation apart from the secret services would be behind such a design? Numerous crop circles have also been observed in fenced military areas under surveillance....The military wish to maintain the belief in extraterrestrials and are carrying out psychological warfare tests. They have the means for decoying the observers with fake saucers so that the circles will be attributed to extraterrestrials.
The military secret services are not held back by the risk of killing. Unfortunately the "circles" have already produced one victim: on the 22nd October 1987, as his jet was passing above a crop circle, the pilot ejected and then detached himself from his parachute before hitting the ground [cf PDCA89 p. 104]. Some aerial photographers report that the designs have a
noticeable influence on them and on the aircraft controls when it is flying above them. The British military is cooperating extensively with the American military and may have agreed to the use of "its" land. The authentic formations have, of course, lead to numerous imitations which were at first rare and clumsy but nowadays are more common and sometimes impressive if the hoaxers have worked as a team for long hours. Competitions have been organised but no hoax has been able to withstand close scrutiny. In order to distinguish an authentic pattern from a hoax, investigators concentrate mainly on the bending of the plant's stalk at its base, the plant having always to remain unbroken, something which imitators find impossible to achieve as they tread down their design in all directions during its making. Freddy Silva sometimes uses infrared photography on which appear traces of disturbances in the spread of water within the soil if the design has really been created by heat-inducing beams. Debbie Benstead and other researchers often clearly identify a metallic taste in their mouths when they walk within an authentic formation [LP98] ...In 1991, according to research by George Wingfield, the CIA and the British Ministry of Defence secretly persuaded two retired gentlemen, David Chorley and Douglas Bower, to declare that they were the authors of the crop circles that had been observed to date, without providing evidence to support their statement. When this explanation became clearly insufficient, some agricultural students then made their appearance claiming they were making the circles. Now that it is almost admitted that microwaves are involved, are we to see appear in the media a group of scientist hoaxers who make designs in the fields from their telecommunications satellite?(6)


Finally, many reports and pictures exist concerning what are known as "Hole Punch" phenomena. These are obviously artificial circles or other shapes punched through cloud canopies in unknown ways. Some photos tend to indicate a chemical-spray-experiment gone awry, while others are starkly indicative of satellite operations, possessing perfectly round shape during and directly after their formation (Until the clouds drift somewhat). This latter also supports the above article by Bleckstyne concerning orbiting platforms and energy experimentation on the ground below. Some of these indicate heavy energization of plasmas through the use of satellite energies above.

Directed Energy Weapons

One of the most insidious and frequent uses of this new energy technology is as weaponry. These weapons are called Directed Energy Weapons, or DEW, and they are being used in many ways against many people, in an effort to institute and enforce a police state. Coercion is just one aspect of the weaponry, and it can even be used to kill. The military uses and tests DEW on American citizens, and in overseas conflicts. The intelligence aspect of the United States military also uses these armaments regularly in exercises and missions against dissidents and in order to fine tune the weaponry. Some of the deputized types, such as operatives for the department of homeland security, also test these weapons on their neighbors.

Some of these weapons attack the mind, others attack the body, some attack both. A lot of the weaponry is based on use of microwaves, although there are acoustic weapons as well, and other energies including laser. Pulsed type frequency weapons of all types are employed in these operations, and include hand held, flyover (Drones), satellite deployed, and active auroral. As in other situations, active auroral types make use of vast energy sources, and are high powered beyond most peoples ability to understand.

Many of the weapons are Electrogastrographic in nature, while others cause overt pain from existing or past injuries. Many cause sleep deprivation, a well known torture technique used in many prisons throughout the world. A number of the directed energy weapons in the United States arsenal are utilized in conjunction with biotechnological weaponized disease, such as the Armys weaponized mycoplasmas which are Harvested from the body fluids of AIDS patients. Harvested.

Other stuff included weaponized viral cancers, exotic forms of flu, and much much more! Biotechnology is used along with directed energy weapons to make a subject more sensitive to DEW.

Symptoms include but are not limited to: inability to concentrate/fractured thought/memory loss; abnormal joint pain; abnormal muscular pain; abnormal tooth pain; ringing noises in ears; blurred vision; faintness; metallic taste in mouth; abnormal mood swings; unexplainable angst or peevishness; bowel and digestive distress; chronic acid reflux; unexplainable internal pain; nose bleeds; burning sensation on skin, more. These symptoms may fluctuate across a wide spectrum and create predictable behavior/reaction for the various degrees of fluctuation in power, and type of energy being used.

One of the more potent directed energy weapons utilize multiple beams of energy such as particle-ion beams to create a zone of interference. These interferometry weapons are aimed so that two or more beams intersect/overlap in the area where the subject lives or spends a lot of time. This type of weaponry causes many untreatable illnesses and will eventually result in the death of the target. As covered in chapter five, some interferometry is used to gain almost perfect imagery, drawing energy from the target itself. These are endothermic operations, and are detrimental to the target, especially when macro-powered with active auroral and broadcast antennae energy fields. Things like keystroke surveillance and remote manipulations/erasures of computer hard drives fall into this category of directed energy weapons and surveillance.

Other Directed Energy Weapons are many times used in conjunction with advanced imaging surveillance; many times this advanced surveillance is just the process of zeroing in on an individual or area with a high degree of accuracy. Some of the imaging available can actually scan a persons body in 3 dimensions (Or more), detecting weak points including but not limited to old injuries, infections, embolisms, larger blood clots, and more.

A lot of directed energy weaponry is undetectable without highly specialized and expensive equipment. When specifically used as weaponry, most forms of energy will fit the description of a Directed Energy Weapon. Even microwave ovens can be modified to be used for these nefarious purposes. (7) The effects and detriments only become more pronounced as power and sophistication of the weaponry increases. This includes but is not limited to the aforementioned Satellite/Antennae/Active-Aurora triad, and the many ENMOD operations they encompass. Earth Penetrating Tomography can be used to detect underground facilities of enemies, but can also be used to look into above ground abodes of innocent people. The effects of the energies used in these remote scanning tomographies are little known and considered to be harmful during high power operations, or over lengthy exposures.

During an interview during the 1990's, well know researcher Walter Bowart stated:

... In 1966 in October, possession of LSD was declared a Class One felony, stopping all research on it. The psychedelic 60's were over and the war on drugs began. 'The cryptocracy black ops funds grew fat. ln 1967 at DARPA, that's what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was called,
Project Pandora got under way with Dr. Joseph Sharpe who is presently in NASA-Ames Laboratory today. Pandora concluded in 1969 stating that nothing would be clear without experiments on human subjects in their natural settings. Nixon approved- "basic research" on voluntary human subjects. In 1968 at the peak of the student unrest Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald, Science Advisor to Lyndon B. Johnson described how man-made
changes in the earth's ionosphere could be used for mass behavior control. He pointed out that low frequency electromagnetic operations could be used to attack the brain-waves of human beings. He stated, " perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioral patterns..."


HAARP can and has been used as a military weapon. In its vector as a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter it is more than capable of inducing tectonic reactions in the Earth itself, and the attendant Tsunamis which sometimes accompany them. It is also quite capable of altering the atmospheric and electrical environment of human beings across thousands of square miles.

Another weaponry aspect of phased array broadcast antennae (HAARP) is the ability to induce voltage overloads in electrical lines, and to forcibly disrupt communications. This is stated in no uncertain terms within the HAARP patent itself, and the experimentations of the last 7 years indicate that chaos and mayhem is high on the to-do list of the military industrial complex. Disaster is profitable, after all; all the more so if disaster creation and alleviation are controlled by the same agency, and used to pare away at liberty and sovereignty of American Citizens.

The act of denying an enemy food and water, transportation, and communications, makes HAARP perhaps the PREMIER weapon in the governments arsenal, and the fact that these weapons are being used on Americans in addition to the supposed enemies of America, should clue the reader to the fact that our government is actually no longer ours, and is operating at the behest of some other entity, most probably the same agencies of international finance who usurped the American currency, then judicial, after the Civl War.

Atmospheric depletion above a populated area definitely qualifies as Directed energy weaponry, even though the victims are actually subjected to the peripheral effects of the energy itself. Artificial heat waves, droughts, radiation overexposures from raw solar energies: the list is long and sometimes terrifying.

Ill Tonics

Tectonic manipulation is possible with the new military technology comprised of active-auroras, phased array antennae, and satellites. It is practiced regularly in ultrasound experiments of vast magnitude, and weapons tests. The Tsunami of December 26th 2004, which killed some 225,000 people, possessed 100 feet waves in some places, and was the result of an earthquake with very odd, seemingly artificial characteristics. The 9.15 magnitude earthquake which caused that devastating cataclysm occurred in the Indian Ocean, and was one of the largest ever recorded. The most odd thing about the earthquake was that its duration was nearly ten minutes, whereas most earthquakes are over in a matter of a few seconds. This obviously artificial happenstance caused the entire planet to vibrate at least a few centimeters, and it triggered other earthquakes as far away as Alaska. Seismographic and acoustic data indicate that the first phase of the indian Ocean earthquake caused the formation of a rupture about 250 miles long and 60 miles wide, located 19 miles beneath the sea bed - the longest rupture ever known to have been caused by an earthquake.

In addition, the sea bed itself is estimated to have risen by several meters, displacing an estimated 7 cubic miles of water which triggered the now well known tsunami waves. These killer waves radiated out from the entire length of the gargantuan tectonic rupture. This increased the area over which the waves were observed, some reaching as far as Mexico, Chile
and the Arctic.

The raising of the sea bed which this thrust-event caused actually reduced the capacity of the Indian Ocean by a measurable amount, while producing a permanent rise in the total Earths sea level of about 0.1 mm. The energy released by the earthquake in the Indian Ocean was calculated to be the equivalent of 100 gigatons of TNT, or about as much energy as is used in the United States in 6 months. This of course makes any nuclear devices, or perhaps all the worlds combined nuclear devices, appear as if they are nothing more than children's toy firecrackers. (8)

Though the indian ocean earthquake was notable due to the tsunami generated, and the subsequent loss of life, it is by no means alone in its apparent artificiality. Since the time of the Indonesian event, and even before, there have appeared many instances of larger sized quakes recurring in odd places, and massive swarms of smaller quakes in record setting numbers. Some of these seem to be directly related to other geological zones of disturbance, such as Mount St. Helens, and the Yellowstone Caldera.

Some observers have noted relations to the vapor rivers within our atmosphere and some undersea tectonic events which seemed to affect the weather above them, and to almost feed the hydrodynamics in what this author believes are massive tectonic desalinization experiments.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing indications of tectonic experimentation via the new military technologies within the active auroral/antenna/satellite arsenal (The Radiant Arsenal) is what has been happening in the great lakes region over the last few years, seemingly in conjunction with the New Madrid faultline in Tennessee, a known instability, and host to several very large earthquakes in the past. The tectonic activity in the great lakes region is not only out of the ordinary, it possesses a high degree of symmetry, straight lines, and this can be evidenced in the pictures below, as well as by subscribing to earthquake reports on the internet. Many scientific sources have become alarmed and intrigued by these quakes in straight lines, and only time will tell just what the results of this odd, seemingly artificial activity will lead to.

Fly By Night

One of the most well developed plans of the United States military pertains to the use of a new and little talked about secret Air Force. (9) Composed largely of remote controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), this new Air Force is being used to monitor Americans, deliver bombs and other weapons during overseas activities, test directed energy weapons, and to "Loiter" above assigned areas at all times.

Initially designed and financed for use in areas where the risk of human loss was high, the drones have since replaced many aspects within the USAF, and are now being used in local law enforcement worldwide. A lot of technology which was developed for and tested in the two Gulf Wars is now in place here in the United States, and in other places. Various researchers believe these wars were illegal inventions to create profit and job security within the military industrial complex, while developing and testing the technology of control which was then to be used in the USA. The evidence cries out for just that.

Photographic evidence as well as the known ability of some modern UAVs to carry fairly large sized payloads indicates that some of these drones are the actual delivery systems of the powdered particulate being used in the Active Auroral ENMOD operations/weapons experiments. Many drones can be witnessed during daily hours acting in concert, spraying what are known as dissipating trails; those are actually particulate sprays but created to mimic so-called natural contrails versus actual chemtrails. Old fashioned contrails are said to consist of water vapor, with the contrail just a freezing of the vapor as it exits a planes engines in the right circumstances. Those old time contrails (Condensation trails) dissipate in 5-10 seconds.

The astute observer will notice these drones flying in parallel lines, sometimes opposing each other or not, and also in other geometric forms such as triangles. These configurations and forms are foci for satellites which many times require the motion of the drones and the dissipating trails as beacons to focus on the ground directly below, or within the atmosphere for depletion operations.

Some of the UAV force are being equipped with air-ram type directed energy weapons, used in flyover harassment and cyberwarfare. That means the faster the aircraft flies, the more power is generated in the DEW beam. The largest problems with those are dissipating the excess heat caused by such power generation. First hand accounts of the effects of these classified drone weapons indicate they are extremely harmful to humans targeted. (10)

The expense of the militaries Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) program is huge, and like many other facets of the new military police technologies, is most likely slated to be used in America on Americans. Early crashes of the drones and other boondoggles have caused concern that the program is one more wasteful expenditure and another form of debt making by the international elite deviant class.

Fight the Net

Control of the electromagnetic spectrum in its entirety means you, and your thought processes, and your bodily functions. In the government report "Information Operations Roadmap", which is a declassified document signed by The Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in 2003, many indicative statements are made which amount to a declaration of War by the United States Government, against the internet. Including things like psychological operations, and attacks on hostile computer networks, the report says information is "critical to military success", and influencing public opinion through new media while designing and operating "computer network attack" weapons is all just a part of the game.

Active Auroral technologies, though still classified and denied, are admirably suited to this type of computer attack, disruption, and surveillance. The ability of HAARP and its subsidiary sciences to induce electricity in power and phone lines is just one such function: keystroke loggers, hard drive readers and more, are all in the works, and according to many witnesses, now deployed wirelessly against many people in many places.

As also stated several times in the HAARP patent itself (Appendix D) "High intensity, well controlled electrical fields can be provided in selected locations for various purposes..."

The declassified document "Information Operations Roadmap" was obtained by the National Security Archive at George Washington University using the Freedom of Information Act. Some operations described in the document include military activities such as: special public affairs officers to brief journalists; psychological operations troops who try to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of an enemy; computer network attack specialists who seek to destroy enemy networks, and much more. One such tableau propounded under the Electronic Warfare flag:

"Strategy should be based on the premise that the Department [of Defense] will 'fight the net' as it would an enemy weapons provide maximum control of the entire electromagnetic disrupt or destroy the full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum".

The term "fight the net" appears several times throughout the report. The advanced technologies of the radiant arsenal are just the ticket to accomplish this feat.


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