Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who Is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romeny Is The Mormon Church.

And now, with that new NSA spy center near Salt Lake City Utah, Mitt expects to have control of the largest police force and surveillance apparat the world has ever known.  This was all set up for him by boy jorge with 911 and the patriot act.  Karl Rove, a mormon in all but name, is one of the common denominator.  Romney will most likely pick heb boosh as his running mate, which will be very good for the democrats, though rove is busy setting up the hacks and other cheats to get his religious friend elected.

The republicans, except for Ron Paul, make a game of cheating and lying and stealing.  The bush crime family, and the mormon police machine are very very good at cheating and lying and stealing without detection.  So far.

It will be nice to bust these unAmerican scum, and their zionist financiers.