Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Letter To The Public From Hillsborough County Sheriif David Gee

My Comment:

It is a tough job being a zookeeper in a zoo as big as this.  To even try to be a zookeeper here in this zoo amounts to insanity of a type which so far is unaddressable.  It is condoned.  Might is right no matter how skewed and diabolical that is.

Everyone is now pacified though, the statistics show this blatantly, with EM and chemicals which have been sprayed daily over us since 911.  The police are part of zions machine, and they are too dumb to know what they are.  They think they are heroes.  They are just insane.  The chemicals running through their bodies are out of whack or something.  That shows, more and more.  They are subjected to more EM than perhaps any other career field.  They should be working in space.  Not killing and getting killed daily, a news machine of zion, a fear machine.  Laws are being broken, but the laws are all unconstitutional or worse.

David, don't be a Geek.  Anarchy is what this country was founded on.  Study the Declaration Of Independence.  Yeshva is considered to be one of the greatest anarchists of all times, by some.  We are smarter now, we don't need you or your type to run herd on us for your zionist masters, praise your lord, except when you provoke events for job security, which you do.  It is coming to light now David.

Mostly we do not want you running herd on us and collecting welfare from the government, which is your pay, to create the milieu and environment of violence with your laws.  You are not an American, you are inept and incapable of knowing.  You need to read a lot more.  Start with Jefferson.

Anarchy is smart people governing themselves, for their own good, not "Protected" by the kings capo regime.

David, Look Up.