Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nearly 800 Trees Added To Tampa For RNC

A lot of sprucing up is going on.  The waterfront is impressive downtown, a lot of work has transpired over the years.  The RNC sign was going up on front of the forum yesterday when I drove by.  I think its the forum.  Not the convention center.  Some of the very longest hold out buildings were razed and the slab left in place, right across from the forum and I suppose thats the event zone for protestors, this ought to be interesting.

If you are not hoofing it, or on a bike, or in a limo, you will probably not have a lot of luck getting near the place, which means leave your car at home if youo are crazy enough to go be a human sacrifice for the mormons and the zionists.  I was not able to detect major directed energy yesterday, but I did not have my spectrum analyzer laptop with me.  I am still working on the various antennae types for that, the probes, as it were.

The chemming will be either atrocious or hidden behind other layers, canopies, perhaps the old tri-level which bush and chain head used to like to travel under, it is not just atrocious, it is ferocious. It is responsible for the sinkholes, the droughts, the runaway fungal growth in the trees, washed out roads, environemntal and propeerty damage galore, jeb bush brought it to you, and you are kind of too stupid and powerless to notice things like that, or do anything about them.  Its contrived, bunky.

Sorry for that ugly truth.

Like ants under a magnifying glass, these are the days of your lives.