Friday, August 24, 2012

Anonymous Militants Strike Fear In Coast Guard

Chasing ghosts is one way to keep your job, I guess.  Militants supposedly announce they are after the bridges, oh yeah....perhaps they will do a mcveigh and use some fertilizer and diesel fuel to take down these concrete and steel structures....These idiotic yahoos will blow the bridges themselves, just like bush blew the wtc buildings, just to make everyone think they are needed for things other than enforcing their bosses drug action.

The tampanese scum HAVE to make a riot happen else they will have squandred fifty million for nothing.  Believe me, the cops will see to it that a riot or two happens, the tampanese are very good at lies and subterfuge.

The American declaration of independence is considered to be one of the greatest documents of anarchy ever written, but the zionists and their minions have so usurped the American way with their media and schools that no one even knows things like this anymore.  Anarchy means bad bad bad, it goes against the torah and all the other unAmerican things taught to you by zions schools today.  Adios America, one book was good enough for you, praise the lord.