Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Jews News

Oh the news is full of falsified information today, how the dali-bama and mitty the nit are in a dead heat and how isaac is going to come along and save gods gift to earth the jews from being audited and all their thievery exposed.  Well, its the same old same old, I thought there would be something to blog here today but not.  Try again tomorrow, I think the best is going to happen next week, I will be photographing the sky and taking reports of DEW use by the military, until then, its still the jews news, they can have all that shit.

They are beginning to spray a lot more here and its probable they will have to deviate from the normal modus of hiding people identities to screw them out of money, to locking people up on trumped up charges.  Trumped up charges, get it?  I made a funny, great.