Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Slobbering Slob

My reply has yet to approved by the moderator, old Sam himself methinx, so I include it here:


Re: the above article:  You Said "The protesters are coming. They’re coming in strength. However, they agreed months ago that because they didn’t respect the mechanisms that the City of Tampa had put in place, they refused to participate in the city’s processes..."

Need source on that.  It is probable a lot of the so called anarchy is false flag terror on small scale, perped by those who profit from all this.  Zions police state, which they hope to institute world wide soon.


You have no real concept of what anarchy means,  nor do the violent show meisters of the mossad and their bitch boys the cia et al.  The europeans christ Yeshva is considered to be one of the prime anarchists in recorded history, and the American declaration of independence is a major article of anarchy known throughout the world.  Try reading it, you may learn a thing or two.