Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pressure Is On

If I were Ron Paul I would be worried about the war mongering chicken hawks in the republican party who never served but love to further israels agenda of war forever and ever, to keep the economy running and all that.  The bush rove romney mormon thing must not be ignored.  They are very bad people and they are not Americans, they serve outside influences.

Ron Paul is not stupid though, and he knows how to use the system, so there i shope still.  If something happens to him of a violent nature though, there will be extreme civil strife, and there are those who want that, like the bush crime family and their mormo-latin demons. 

Beware Ron Paul Beware.  They made 911 happen and they will do another at the drop of a hat.  They are vested in chaos and mayhem, their god is conflict for $ and they worship lords and kings.  The bush crime family is good at this.  The spraying in the skies legalized as crowd control initially by jorge is a main tool that they have kept hidden for a long time.  And it is a lot more than all that.  Plus they have a lot of people on the street.  Minions, senor, and praise the lord.

The Tampa Tribune is Virginia owned, if you understand that you will know who and what they are handling, and why.  They are not American either, strictly zionist following zionist orders to control the information.  You read it here first kids, over a month ago, and now the situation is manifest.  There is much more people will see very soon, I am sure.