Monday, August 13, 2012

The Forces That Are

The forces that ARE have used a now 12 year old pacification program utilizing electronic mind control and chemical sprayings to keep Americans on a path of their choosing, which is an agenda of royalty and personal disarmament.  The populace here is just worried about getting something to eat, they do not give a fig about who is doing what in the rarefied arenas of zionist politics (except perhaps for the prospect of a riot or two which might be interesting to the intellectually depraved tv watchers of this once guh-rate nation yada yada yada) and thats just the wayz the zionsits luvz it.  It is contrived, bunky.  No expense spared to build the prison in your mind.

Well.  Its not over until its over, and all that crap, but team zion seems to have shut Ron Paul out.  I am not hopeless, just embarassed, as usual.  This is a very embarassing place, this planet.  Especially Tampa.

But thats my own little pillar of salt to confront and get out to pasture for the cows to lick upon, so I will just persevere, and see what happens.  Perhaps I will even be entertained.  It is starting to happen more and more, I am amused many times by the feeble foibles of the elected adnministrators, their police state, and the ever growing rabble after the ever shrinking spiritual dollar, and I assure you, amusement is better than embarassment, at this time of my life.