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DEVILVISION: My Book About ENMOD Chapter 8

Devilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

Copyright William J. (Bill) Gallagher
Post Office Box 125
Hachita, NM 88040

3000 Words

Chapter 8

Making America Powerless One Citizen At A Time

“It's politically sensitive, but it's going to happen. Some people don't want to hear this, and it sure isn't in vogue, but -- absolutely -- we're going to fight in space. We're going to fight from space and we're going to fight into space. That's why the US has development programs in directed energy and hit-to-kill mechanisms”
(Gen. Joseph Ashy, Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 5 1996, p 51)

"Privacy Is Power."
American Civil Liberties Union

Among the many things that active auroral technology is capable of, its agricultural uses are but a minor part of the whole, and even those agricultural aspects are weaponized, used to destroy and deny. When facts are known and observations complete, the vast majority of airborne plasma technology is employed much more often in its role as behavior modification, and surveillance.

The many references to Eavesdropping strewn throughout the piece-meal descriptions of the Radiant Arsenal are just one indicator of the massive surveillance machine which that arsenal supports, and the inability of the people to awaken from what surely must be an artificially created stupor is highly recognizable too, just one more reason to independently investigate and suspect advanced behavior modifying weaponry. The possible effects of known characteristics within the science of the Radiant Arsenal, like overexposures to various electromagnetic energies, and chemical overdoses of odd materials on a daily basis, foretell a definite departure from what has always been considered normal in the medicine of health.

The very real probability that all human beings now possess their own distinct radio frequency signature, not because of chips or RFID tags they have somehow ingested or had implanted, but because of the chemical compositions with which they and their environment have been inundated over the last 8 years, should be studied carefully with this in mind. Each person possesses personal attributes of biological makeup, this is self evident, and detrital accumulations of material/chemical substances will of course differ from one human being to another, even if each were exposed to the exact same chemical treatment as their neighbor.

When things like Morgellons disease are taken into consideration, whereby fibres of unknown origin, and some metallic, are being removed from peoples skin as just a symptom of their exposure to these chemical spray technologies, the above becomes more than plausible: again, it is probable that each human has been conditioned to excite certain military sensing equipment in ways unique, and which serve as personal identifiers. Furthermore, the sprayings in the atmosphere which have taken place over the better part of the last decade, denied as they are, may also have contained materials to serve just this purpose, with this identifying goal in mind.

The aforementioned Radio-Labled Microspheres are just one case in point. Normally used in medicine to track flows within the body, they could be readily adapted for identification purposes. Reports of metals or metallic substances in foods and medicines have also reached epidemic proportions; the ingestion of this type of material would not only serve as identifying agents, but would also make an individual much more sensitive to broadcast energies, and that is also another probability within the New Reich's technology of anti-privacy and control.

Likewise, the use of electrical fields as related in the HAARP patent, and other references having to do with phased array antennae, and ionospheric heating, do not bode well for the privacy of Americans, or the world. Considering inventions such as the Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (Appendix Q), not only are many different types of energy now available for directed energy weapons and surveillance devices (Beams, Fields, 3 Dimensional Radiant Constructs; Pulsed Laser, Microwave, UHF VHF RF, ELF, ULF etc.) but also power sources of new magnitude, all easily manipulable and able to act in concert with each other for varying effects.

Imagine printed circuitry in the sky.

By deploying active auroral plasmas which are in effect huge Transmitter/Receiver antennae in their own right, ground ops may use these plasmas in conjunction with numerous advanced imaging interferometries and tomographies (chapters 5 & 6) to snoop with impunity any time, any place. High powered electrical fields can also be parked anywhere, anytime, as behavior modifying directed energy weaponry, and perfect 3D viewing of a subject or area, 24-7. Many of the surreptitious imaging systems used by law enforcement see through clothes, rationalized and justified as attempts to spot illicit weaponry or other hardware. Audio is also integral within this suite of privacy theft technology, and all of the above (Plus Plus) are largely undetectable without highly specialized and expensive equipment.

The surveillance aspects of ENMOD Active Auroral programs are considered to be the ultimate strength of the New Reich which the appointed president serves, and this shows graphically in the amount of privacy they garner for themselves and their police state operators, while doing everything possible to eradicate privacy elsewhere. If privacy is power, then they perpetually empower themselves, sparing no expense, while surreptitiously disempowering America one citizen at a time.

Insult 2 Inquiry

In addition to the advanced surveillances of government, many private individuals are using clandestine surveillance for their personal advantage. What was once called corporate espionage, practiced in boardrooms and offices, has moved into the homes of many Americans, practiced in bedrooms and bathrooms! Almost every city supports a Spy Shop, or something along those lines, where cheap, miniature, and wireless surveillance equipment can be purchased, and they do a booming business.

Some organized groups responsible for these intrusions into individual privacy are performing these services of surveillance for hire. Many times these spies can be identified by their knowledge and use of wireless communications technologies, while certain others snitching for profit can be identified by their membership in what have come to be known as adult gangs; these adult gangs often include off-duty law enforcement personnel or retired intelligence agents who are privy to state of the art technology.

There are also many people doing more mundane but just as intrusive surveillance and data collection work for government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or the National Security Agency (NSA). The recent and ongoing debacle concerning blanket immunity for telecommunications companies and their illegal wiretapping activities is just one example of that. Lawmaking such as the Patriot Act, committed by the appointee and his cadre of traitors during the last 8 years also indicates that government is intent on destroying the privacy of citizens. Occasionally but less often are the so called paparazzi journalists. A worst case scenario with satanic overtones has been identified in the book "Monarch: The New Phoenix Program:

"Another aspect of the program is Revenge Incorporated, angry ex-spouses or business partners may enroll someone they wish to have revenge over, for a price. In a twist of life imitating art, targets are often broadcast on closed circuit television, radio, or on the internet in personal situations in their homes, much like a TV reality show. The target is portrayed in the worst light possible to amuse the paying audience, personal conversations and habits as well as internal thoughts and imagery are spread among the groups who use this inside knowledge to harass the target in public and provoke shame, outbursts of anger and confrontation. Targets are prompted by the remote technology to speak on sensitive topics or in a manner that will offend and motivate these private groups to participate. Most people who are viewing the target are not quite sure what they are watching, while others are sadistic enough not to care. The person who is targeted may feel at times they are being played with, while other times to the victim it seems like the microwave assault is trying to kill them. Make no mistake the objective is to incarcerate the victim into a mental facility, penal institution, or to force a suicide. Occasionally a target is murdered, generally in kind of a sweepstakes-like game that usually happens around a full moon. These networks operate everywhere in virtually every country, so any target that tries to flee will only find themselves targeted elsewhere. Anyone who attempts to help a target or reveal the hidden aspects of the program will themselves become a target. Perfecting the psychology of control is also an important goal of MHS. Psychologists, much like BISCUIT teams, are employed to tailor programs to the individual that will exploit their personal or ethnic weaknesses. Psychology classifies about 34 distinct personality types and learning how to control a certain type of individual can be applied to similar personality types or cultures in future operations..."

Hunter Gatherers

Tracking an individual suspected of a crime has always been a function of law enforcement, and the technology accompanying this duty has grown at a fantastic pace in the last few decades. These activities have surpassed the definition of tracking in fact, and are now assignable to the realm of Data Gathering. Not only are criminals still tracked, but anyone and everyone are now the subjects of intense scrutiny with the purpose of assembling vast amounts of information about individual people, their activities, and the groups they inhabit. There are no exceptions. (1)

Once an individual becomes electronically identifiable through possession of an electronic signature, whether acquisition of that signature occurred through ingestion of metallics, inundation with cumulative nano-powders containing radio effected materials, or by actually being implanted with a device of some sort, (2) that person can be located and positively identified wherever they go, at any time. The person can be Targeted, and that seems to be a main goal of the surveillance state. Additionally, many vehicles now include long range identifiers/signatures, and also most forms of identification, like drivers licenses. Some if not all of these may be scannable by satellite.

As mentioned previously, cell phones themselves are actually a type of tracking device, and they are just a very small part of the overall tracking technology being employed by a law enforcement which has become global in scope. The data accumulated through tracking everyone is being used to populate huge databases of personal information from which, through the use of artificially intelligent machine programs, great detail can be inferred over lengthy periods of time. Habits, customs, likes, dislikes; exposures, disappearances, and frequencies thereof: all tell a tale, or could, if the need were ever to arise. The reports of these type of computers being employed by law enforcement are scarce but becoming public. Some are noted to have surpassed all Turing tests for artificial intelligence, so that new tests are constantly required to measure the capabilities of these learning/inference engines. The ever evolving CAPTCHA codes online, used to defeat robotic disruptors are a good example of this. (3)


The tracking of people, and the data gathered thereby, has gone well beyond simple surveillance and the ramifications normally associated with. These artificially intelligent inference machines have become the wardens of an invisible global prison, though none the less effective for being invisible, and perhaps more so. The operators of these AI Wardens have a very distinct and undeniable form of slavery in mind for everyone involved. Tax enforcement and law enforcement are now blended and inseparable, with behavior modification and directed energy coercion used regularly on anyone who steps out of line. The tracking of individuals also contains another important characteristic: it is useful and necessary for targeting of dissidents or those who may wish to disrupt the new global order of total surveillance law enforcement. This vast and far reaching program of control is much farther along than anyone without the proper clearances, or a like ability to infer from seemingly random data, can imagine.

All the tools of the Radiant Arsenal associated with ENMOD and Behavior Modifying Law Enforcement are used in the data gathering/tracking operations. Drones, satellites, local antennae -- all of which possess at least video surveillance capabilities as a matter of course -- active-auroral advanced imaging and eavesdropping technologies, PLUS the human vector (The myriad spotters and informers at the local level, everywhere) it is not hard to see that the planners are serious about all this, with slavery of others foremost in their little minds.

Occasionally these resources are used to build a counter identity for a dissident or other enemy of the state. This is how many people have been "Disappeared" over the last decade, and no one the wiser. People aware that this is going on should use the internet to build and reinforce their identity whenever possible.

If a subject can be removed from their home arena, and made to set up residence in an area where they are not generally known, global law enforcement is quite capable of enacting plans to slowly but surely obscure the identity of the subject by using local human operatives and control of electronic data, so that the original person is no longer associated publicly with their real identity. They can then be removed with very little chance of detection. Time marches on. The longer an operation like this proceeds, the better chance of success, and according to first hand accounts this type of thing is a reality and practiced more as technology advances to reinforce a subjects obscurity.

Selective identity theft and identity obscuration are well used tools of the global law enforcement surveillance state. (4)

Implanting You

There are many nefarious and nearly undetectable implants being deployed among the population now. Appendix K of this book have many reports concerning implants that can and are being inserted on hypodermic needles. Dental implants for vocal surveillance are also known, and are in the 8th or 9th generation of development now.

These syringe or dental implants are just two examples how an individual can be implanted with radio identifiers/surveillance, and thereby globally tracked. The previously mentioned method of inundating the environment with powders which bio-accumulate in unique electronic signatures is a much more inclusive procedure though, and when the evidence is reviewed it is considered that this, more than anything else, is responsible for mass RF tagging in the last 8 years. Very few people are aware of any of this.

Of course, the more intrinsic type implants are used whenever possible; when vocal surveillance is required nothing works as well as a 8th or 9th generation type dental implant. If the subject is being targeted for frequency weapon coercion/behavior Modification, then other below-the-skin implants become a necessity. Some implantable devices actually have beneficial medical uses; development of implantable devices is legitimized and financed in these ways. Some medical implants can be monitored and stimulated wirelessly, by cellphone. They can also be used in subliminal mind control operations as frequency weapons to modify behavior and disrupt cognizance. Any electrical conductor in the body or skin can be effected likewise, and the wireless technologies to achieve that are very well developed.

Through study of present technology and the direction it is headed, it has been inferred that the fields of biotech, nanotechnology, and RFID devices are now merging so that many present day implants are actually living biologicals, applied via aerosol, inoculation, ingestion, or simple contact. See Appendix N, The armys Mycoplasma Patent.

Hearing Aids

Acoustics have been employed for surveillance operations nearly forever. Loose lips have in fact sunk ships, and worse; it is the basic propensity for communication that has led humankind to many wonderful, and also horrible things. So sound weapons and surveillance of sound are a natural part of the human condition. Most sound weapons depend on a conveyance of pulsed energy which disrupts something, whether it be the gastric system, the workings of the brain, or the equilibrium of the organism via special frequencies designed for that.

Alternately, surveillance of sound is the actual listening in on conversations via wiretapping, scanning local or semi-local radio frequencies (Cell and Cordless Phones/HAM/CB), or, as explained earlier, by using specialized equipment and methods like 3 dimensional interpretations of artificially created electric fields (Interferometry/tomography). (5)

One novel listening device utilizes a laser beam aimed at glass (Any window will do), and any sound that is happening in the vicinity of the glass causes the glass to vibrate minutely, thereby causing a very discernible reflection/feedback. This vibration is then interpreted/constructed into human discernible sound. Any conversations going on near glass are prone to eavesdropping in this manner, and the device is well known for its ability to listen from a distance, as well as for its high quality results. This is actually the same principle which was used in vinyl records, where a diamond needle was made to vibrate as it rides through the grooves of the plastic disc. These vibrations are then amplified and filtered to become high quality sound products. There are laser treatments used in many imaging operations too, so that both sound, and very clear imagery can be gained from any area a laser beam can enter. Most lasers of this type are of wavelengths invisible to the human eye.

The above surveillance operations, like so much else, can be reproduced with active auroral technologies through the use of artificial ionospheric plasma mirrors, and ground or satellite based power sources/beams. When those configurations are utilized, the range of these type of devices is vastly increased. There are many variations of this process.

When other technological advances are taken into account, such as this University of Southern California News Service Release below, one can only wonder at the true state of affairs concerning the New Reich's abilities of audio surveillance.

"...Machine Demonstrates Superhuman Speech Recognition Abilities date: 9/30/99...The system can distinguished words in vast amounts of random "white" noise and noise with amplitude 1,000 times the strength of the target auditory signal. Human listeners can deal with only a fraction as much. And the system can pluck words from the background clutter of other voices, the hubbub heard in bus stations, theater lobbies and cocktail parties, for example. With just a minor adjustment, the system can identify different speakers of the same word with superhuman acuity...."

To clarify that: now all this listening technology has become computerized, automatic, and is being used in operations like ECHELON, which is said to monitor many millions of private communications world wide, per day. That being a figure from the late 90's, it is fair to think there has been some progress made in ECHELONS ability to listen and monitor, and we must rest assured, even though the evidence is yet forthcoming, that ECHELON is not alone, anymore. The one axiom that applies across the board when studying the technology of control is this: what is made available to we the people, visible and invisible alike, is just a small amount of what really is.


(1) Stolen Information Populating TIA Databases
Total Information Awareness
Barbara Simons
Mission Statement
“The DARPA Information Awareness Office will imagine, develop, apply, integrate, demonstrate and transition information technologies, components and proto-type, closed-loop, information systems that will counter asymmetric threats by achieving total information awareness useful for preemption; national security warning; and national defense decision making.”
- John Poindexter slides, 5/20/02

* “Vast amount of information and misinformation … likely to be misused to the detriment of many innocent American citizens.”
USACM letter - databases
* Immense databases are security & privacy risk
* Compiled from financial, medical, educational, telephone, and travel records
* Large quantity of sensitive info
* Targets for malicious computer users, criminals, and terrorists
* Problems of secure environment
* Insider risks: domestic law enforcement, intelligence personnel, systems administrators, etc.
USACM letter - Security risks
* Identity theft risk from megadatabases
* Recent examples of database risks
* Help desk employee used passwords from banks and credit companies to obtain PII of over 30,000 people in 3 years - sold info
* Theft of computer disks from TriWest Healthcare
* Info on over 500K military personnel and families
* Soc sec numbers, medical claim history, etc
* Blackmail or identity theft
USACM letter - Privacy Risks
* Fair Information Practices
* Prohibit secret databases and mandate fairness, accountability, and due process
* Need for oversight and control especially great when collection of PII done without knowledge or consent
* “Privacy enhancing technologies” cannot protect privacy, since surveillance compromises privacy
* Citizens could not verify that info about them correct
* Lack of protection against harassment or blackmail
USACM letter: Personal risk
* False positives: incorrectly labeling someone a terrorist
* Even exceptionally high accuracy rate would result in large number of false positives
* Both terrorists and law abiding citizens would modify behavior
* Would you purchase 1-way ticket with cash?
* Lawful behavior might be avoided out of fear of being labeled terrorist
TIA database
“DARPA envisions a database ‘of an unprecedented scale, [that] will most likely be distributed, must be capable of being continuously updated, and must support both autonomous and semi-automated analysis’.”
TIA Data mining & analysis
“We must become much more efficient and more clever in the ways we find new sources of data, mine information from the new and old, generate information, make it available for analysis, convert it to knowledge, and create actionable options”
* Poindexter, in CA speech - NY Times, 11/9/02
Inaccuracy of databases
* Many commercial databases full of errors
* FBI no longer required to ensure accuracy and timeliness of databases
* Change announced by DoJ 3/24/03
* Privacy Act had required the FBI to have info “accurate, relevant, timely and complete”
* Increases false positives
* What if inaccurate info about you?
What is data mining?
* Database queries?
* Attempt to determine what is relevant in a very large collection of data
* If we know what we are looking for, don’t need data mining - not targeted
* Statistical analysis - hypothesis testing
* Numerical tests?
* Trying to predict human activities
* Problems of modeling future attacks
TIA is about Surveillance
Dod news briefing 11/20/02
   “The purpose of TIA would be to determine the feasibility of searching vast quantities of data to determine links and patterns indicative of terrorist activities.  There are three parts to the TIA project to aid in this anti-terrorist effort. …The second part was discovery of connections between transactions - such as passports; visas; work permits; driver’s license; credit card; airline tickets; rental cars; gun purchases; chemical purchases - and events - such as arrest or suspicious activities etc.”    Undersecretary of Defense Pete Aldridge
DOD view
Paul McHale, Ass’t Sec’y of Defense for Homeland Security, testified that he did not anticipate that DOD would use technology once completed because “this kind of intrusive but perhaps essential capability” should be operated by civilian rather than military personnel.
* Testimony before Subcomm of House Armed Services Comm, Hearings on Force Protection, 3/13/03
False Positives
* Federal Services Technology Consortium credit card fraud analysis
* 500,000 samples, 100,000 of them fraudulent
* 20% false positive and 20% false negative rates
* .8 * 100,000 = 80,000; .2 * 400,000 = 80,000
* Therefore, half of all samples not fraud
* "Credit card fraud detection using meta-learning: Issues and initial results” by Stolfo et al
* Suppose 500 terrorists out of 200,000,000
* Same percentages 40,000,300, of which 400 terrorists
* False positive 0.2%; false negative 5% = 400,474, of which 475 terrorists
Funding of TIA
* $10M FY 2003; $20M FY 2004
* Undersecretary of Defense Pete Aldridge
* Neglected to mention figures just for prototype system
* Funding for TIA system and related R&D
* $137.5 M FY 2003; $317M FY 2001 - 2003
* Request for TIA programs
* $169.2M FY 2004; $170.3 FY 2005
* Requests for TIA systems integration
* $20M FY 2004; $24.5M FY 2005
“Total Information Awareness Programs: Funding, Composition, and Oversight Issues” CRS RL31786
Information Awareness Office
2)  “novel methods for populating the database from existing sources, create innovative new sources, and invent new algorithms for mining, combining, and refining information for subsequent inclusion into the database; and,
Technical focus (con’t)
3) “revolutionary new models, algorithms, methods, tools, and techniques for analyzing and correlating information in the database to derive actionable intelligence.”

Patients' Data on Stolen Laptop
Source: Washington Post
A government laptop computer containing sensitive medical information on 2,500 patients enrolled in a National Institutes of Health study was stolen in February, potentially exposing seven years' worth of clinical trial data, including names, medical diagnoses and details of the patients' heart scans. The information was not encrypted, in violation of the government's data-security policy.
NIH officials made no public comment about the theft and did not send letters notifying the affected patients of the breach until last Thursday -- almost a month later. They said they hesitated because of concerns that they would provoke undue alarm.
The handling of the incident is reminiscent of a 2006 theft from the home of a Department of Veterans Affairs employee of a laptop with personal information about veterans and active-duty service members. In that case, VA officials waited 19 days before announcing the theft.
After the theft of the VA laptop, which contained sensitive personal information about 26.5 million veterans and military service members, the Office of Management and Budget issued in 2006 guidelines recommending that portable electronic devices be routinely loaded with encryption software.
"The shocking part here is we now have personally identifiable information -- name and age -- linked to clinical data," said Leslie Harris, executive director of the Center for Democracy & Technology. "If somebody does not want to share the fact that they're in a clinical trial or the fact they've got a heart disease, this is very, very serious. The risk of identity theft and of revealing highly personal information about your health are closely linked here."
EPIC Analysis of Total Information Awareness Contractor Documents
February 2003
     This is the first release of documents obtained by EPIC about the Total Information Awareness program following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Defense Department. EPIC v. Department of Defense, No. 02-1233 (D.C. Dist. Ct. 2002).
     The Department of Defense attempted to block the public release of these documents by imposing unprecedented fees on EPIC, a public interest research organization. EPIC challenged the fee determination, and a federal district court ruled for EPIC and against the Department of Defense. The court held that EPIC is entitled to "preferred fee status" under the FOIA and ordered the Pentagon to "expeditiously" process EPIC's almost year-old request for information concerning Admiral John Poindexter and the Information Awareness Office.
     After the decision EPIC held discussions with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to streamline the document processing. EPIC anticipates receiving more documents covering various aspects of DARPA's data mining activities and the Total Information Awareness program over the next few months. These documents will be made available by EPIC as they are received.
     This first batch of documents are letters from Admiral Poindexter to various companies who submitted projects for grants under DARPA's solicitation notice, BAA-02-08, which was published on March 21, 2002. BAA-02-08 is a solicitation notice covering the Defense Department's Total Information Awareness program and states that:
DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of information technologies that will aid in the detection, classification, identification, and tracking of potential foreign terrorists, wherever they may be, to understand their intentions, and to develop options to prevent their terrorist acts. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, technology or systems. Specifically excluded is research that primarily results in evolutionary improvements to the existing state of practice.
 Companies were given the opportunity to submit their proposals for evaluation. There are several rounds of evaluations and DARPA stops accepting proposals on March 21, 2003. The letters are DARPA's responses, stating either approval or rejection of the research project. The letters provide information on the contractors, their project title, and the government contact for the project, if it met with DARPA approval.
     The documents do not show how much funding the proposal received. The "Broad Agency Announcement" (or "BAA") notes that most proposals should anticipate receiving between $200,000 – 1 million per year. Of the 180, there are 26 approval letters. The most recent letter released is dated December 4, 2002. The list of contractors who sought funding range from large corporation, including Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, to small technology start-ups and and large research universities.
     The proposal control number noted in the approval letter's reference line appears to indicate the technical topic areas under the BAA. For example, Hicks & Associates were granted funding for "Information Awareness Prototype System Development" and their proposal control number is 3.09. Alphatech, Inc. was granted funding for "Extensible Probablistic Repository Technology" and their number is 1.01. See table for more information on other approved contractors. The three topic areas are:
     1. Repository technologies
     This is described by the BAA as the "Development of revolutionary technology for ultra-large all-source information repositories and associated privacy protection technologies." The notice describes the storage technology issues in more detail:
The National Security Community has a need for very large scale databases covering comprehensive information about all potential terrorist threats; those who are planning, supporting or preparing to carry out such events; potential plans; and potential targets. In the context of this BAA, the term "database" is intended to convey a new kind of extremely large, omni-media, virtually-centralized, and semantically-rich information repository that is not constrained by today's limited commercial database products -- we use "database" for lack of a more descriptive term. DARPA seeks innovative technologies needed to architect, populate, and exploit such a database for combating terrorism.
The technologies, as conceived by the BAA, also include:
Technologies for controlling automated search and exploitation algorithms and for purging data structures appropriately. Business rules are required to enforce security policy and views appropriate for the viewer's role. The potential sources of information about possible terrorist activities will include extensive existing databases. Innovative technologies are sought for treating these databases as a virtual, centralized, grand database.
2. Collaboration, Automation and Cognitive Aids technologies
     This is described as "Development of collaboration, automation, and cognitive aids technologies that allow humans and machines to think together about complicated and complex problems more efficiently and effectively." DARPA is seeking technologies that would:
[A]id the human intellect as teams collaborate to build models of existing threats, generate a rich set of threat scenarios, perform formal risk analysis, and develop options to counter them. These tools should provide structure to the collaborative cognitive work, and externalize it so that it can be examined, critiqued, used to generate narrative and multi-media explanations, and archived for re-use.
 3. Prototype System technologies
     This is the most significant focus of the Total Information Awareness program and is described in the BAA as:
Development and implementation of an end-to-end, closed-loop prototype system to aid in countering terrorism through prevention by integrating technology and components from existing DARPA programs such as: Genoa, EELD (Evidence Extraction and Link Discovery), WAE (Wargaming the Asymmetric Environment), TIDES (Translingual Information Detection, Extraction and Summarization), HID (Human Identification at Distance), Bio-Surveillance; as well as programs resulting from the first two [topic] areas of this BAA and other programs.
 According to BAA-02-08 the main focus of the TIA program is to build "usable tools, rather than demonstrations." The notice states that, "The idea is to enable our partners in the intelligence community to evaluate new technology and pick it up for experimental use and transition, as appropriate." The third topic area appears to be aimed at creating the experimental "leave behind prototypes" that the research project aims to create.
     The government contacts indicate potential users or developers of the TIA technology. The contacts are fromthree branches of the Defense Department: the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems (SPAWAR), and DARPA Information Awareness Office itself. In addition, funding for three approved projects comes from the Information Exploitation Office of DARPA. The Air Force Research Laboratory's "Information Directorate" based in Rome, NY was developing elements of TIA technology under Douglas Dyer, who has now moved to DARPA and is also the author of BAA-02-08. The Navy's SPAWAR program also appears interested in developing large-scale repository and data mining capabilities. It is not clear how these technologies might be useful for the Air Force and Navy in their respective "battlespaces" that they operate in and why they are funding the development of domestic surveillance infrastructure.

(2) Tracking Devices

Digital Angel
Tiny Human-Borne Monitoring Device Sparks Privacy Fears
By Richard Stenger
CNN Interactive Writer

Appendix K

(3) artificial intelligence web agents
Web Hunting: Design of a Simple Intelligent Web Search Agent
by G. Michael Youngblood

(4) Case #12 of 406 -- William Joseph Gallagher 2000-2008
Hachita NM 88040


Through-wall radar image reconstruction based on time-domain transient signals in the presence of noise
Ho, A.T.S. Tham, W.H. Low, K.S.
This paper appears in: Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2005. IGARSS '05. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International
Publication Date: 25-29 July 2005
Volume: 6, On page(s): 4271- 4274
ISBN: 0-7803-9050-4
Posted online: 2005-11-14 10:10:52.0
New Concepts for Through the Wall Radar using Multiple UWB Antennas
P. Millot, N. Maaref, G. Autret, C. Pichot, J.-Y. Dauvignac, and O. Picon (France)
Radar, Through-the-wall, Detection, SAR, Trilateration.
In this paper, we present a study of short range radar for through-the-wall (TTW) detection and tracking of human beings. New concepts envisaged here are based on an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) waveform and on the use of numerous separated antennas. First the choice of the frequency bandwidth for the ideal radar system is discussed. Then a new experimental set-up recently made in our laboratory is presented. This system uses UWB oscillators (VCO) in ultra-fast sweep frequency mode that are able to cover the 500 MHz - 8 GHz bandwidth. A simple UWB homodyne set-up is also proposed with three receiving channels and new performing UWB antennas. This system is now able to detect human motion and locate it by trilateration. A full wave 2D simulator using the FDTD method has also been performed in order to deliver synthetic data for studying signal processing algorithms (coherent and incoherent). These algorithms, although well known in some other contexts, are here applied to UWB TTW imaging and detection and some quasi real time formulations are proposed. Results are presented on a test configuration computed by the simulator.
* From Proceeding (566) Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation - 2007