Friday, August 24, 2012

The Build Up To The Show Which MUST Go On

Zion profits from the show.  No matter what the show is, as long as you are watching it, it is their show.  It is made to appeal to the baseness in everyone, the devil inside, hearst was a master and there have not actually been any as good as him since.  Yet.  Zions machine utilizes the science of control by whatever means possible.  Media is their number one tool.  Or was.

The Tampa Police need look no farther than the local gangsta element, the wanna be fools who are not necessarily any particular skin color, in fact you see many dumb white boys buying into that scene and acting like douche bags, it crosses over into the latino element, it is semi-organized crime, tomorrows politicians, who all seem to be united by dropping drawahs and shawties.

The stuff on that roof may have been left over from construction, yet here it is in the international news, what a bunch of schleps -- the build up to the show is almost as important as the show itself, when you are a piece of the zionist information machine.

We will be watching through many eyes of many types what transpires overhead and from other sources during the upcoming circus here on the streets of Tampa Florida over the next week.