Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Israel Is Americas #1 Enemy

Did not attend any gatherings or protests, watched the sky instead, and it was not pretty.

The zionists obliged my predictions with an ENMOD event to start off the RNC, and many people are seeing it, they are still spraying chemtrails as of today, wednesday, moving cloud mass around, creating localized high heat and other behavior modifications, but lots of people are looking up, and thats nice. 

If the government is fooling with the weather, as it is, then all the insurance in the world doesn't mean very much does it?  Especially if you say things that zionists do not like, or if you somehow otherwise find yourself on the receiving end of ENMOD.  So.  Go ahead and pay this ultra tax, this insurance, and know that it doesn't amount to anything, because the weather is controlled and they are using it to attack us, as they use anything else they can get their little paws on.

Israel is the enemy of America, and of Freedom in general.