Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Macdilldoes On Call For The RNC

The Tampa Tribune ran a headline recently about the military on call for RNC.  Some have called it treason, that headline.  Sure, but its nothing new to the ignorant Tampanese.  This is zionism at work.  Things are different in zio-land.

Marriage of the police and military is the federal reserve governments idea of fun, and they have been up to it for a long time now.  See the entries below about ENMOD and Active Auroral Provocation and even mind control, then read Devilvision to see what they REALLY have in store for you now they have eroded all your liberty, and taken full control of all food and water.  What I mean is since they have instituted a police state here, with the largest prison INDUSTRY in the entire world.  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And maybe you deserve it too, for being such a blithering idiot all these years, and not rising up and nipping this elite deviance in the bud, as it were.  For not writing hard words, and saying even harder things.  For not conscientiously objecting.

But I certainly do not deserve it, and I am pissed off.  The military should be here in America doing the engineering of our roads and bridges and other cool things, BUILDING, not policing for israel.  The military is led by people and politicians with severe little tin God Complexes, except for Ron Paul, who knows what administration of the peoples common product means.  And Gary Johnson, and a few others.  But not the federal reserve, thats a big 10-4.

PS- I myself was a macdilldoe once, for almost 4 years, I dint like it.  I did well, but I am not the type for that sort of thing.  I feel I have an insiders view, and I am sure I am correct.