Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Web Sites

I am in Tampa for many reasons, one of which is to cover the RNC.  I get around between Seffner and Brandon And Tampa itself.  It pays to be mobile, and thats only one thing I have learned from being hunted and hounded by the CIA/KGB/Skull N Bones wienies.  I am luxefaire at facebook.com and several other sites, so I can add commentary from anywhere.  All the pertinent links are at luxefaire.com.

 I am a long time past resident of Tampa who was anthraxed during the jeb bush administration, right after 911 (Read Devilvision and Death Recipes at luxefaire.com), and was chased out and left for dead in the NM desert.  These ops are the homeland security and were orchestrated by many churches, the unamerican scum.

Clintons crony Bill Richardson had his way with DOE experiments out in the desert, may he rot in hell, and I figure I am owed about 60 million for the experiments they did on me.  Thats a laugh innit?  These slaves of Judah  never pay, they just use people, and thats the way it is.

Below are my personal publishing sites, which have been online for a long time now.