Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Overt Provocation Of Violence Has Begun

Will be covering this closely, smells like team spirit, and the Mossad, of which Tampa is ate up with.  Whoever is encouraging this needs outed, but lets face it, the show will not be the show without violence, and the American tv party, what a bunch of schmux, needs they shows.  Niggers all.  The 50 million dollars of federal monies for security in Tampa must go for something.  Researching this author now and will report straight away, it smells Baptist too.  Or it might just be some idiotic tweaker.  Lots o' them these days as well.

Add: So far it seems the worst case, a believer who has not a clue.  It is a parrot at work on that web site, and writing the press releases, spouting its own brand of propaganda and disinformation.  It has learned from the federal government ie the mob, so it too is adept.

But it has not read DEVILVISION, it allows itself to be easily manipulated for others' ends, and it possesses some sort of messianic impulse, a hallmark of the semitic types, who know not the Goddess.

The people speaking out for the world, according to resistrnc (W/violence), are also ignorant as hell, products of the zionist learning system, and truthfully, that sux bad.  It is embarassing mammy. 

My call is that occupy will deny association with this, we will see.

These fools should read Ron Paul.