Monday, July 30, 2012

Tag You're It

The Tampa Tribune published a headline today concerning graffitti during the RNC, and yes, it is art (Rogue Art according to your friends at the trib) and yes it is also a barely passive resistance, though the monied types, the people who wish to define order and art and civilization and work and retirement and all that, the you-know-who's, call painting walls destruction of property, because it is their property and they wanted it green not blue, or blue not green, and certainly did not want pictures of reptiles all over it, no matter how well rendered.

So.  First, in school, you are taught to be a good little artist, learn your words and figures, then if you work hard, as if by magic, you are rewarded with position and money.  That is the story.  Its what people are taught to want, by the likes of faux news.  But it only works for some people, zionists mostly, which is to say the jews (The dreaded you-know-whats) and the wanna be jews, of which there are many for some strange reason.  All the people who worship the jewish God, let us say.  Oi well.  That is certainly not me, and at least I am forthcoming about it.

My God is comprised of both male and female, it is the essence of the order here, you only get half when you come here, its all you can handle bunky, and the uniting of male and female is just emulation of God, don't ya'know, it is mighty, its the finest light in the multiverse, and you can see it if you look, but most do not want to look, because God truly is scary.

And I know a lot about it.

The rabbis and priests and mullahs and all those type are all full of foolishness and ridiculousity, and they should all be sent to a school for retarded people who cannot make their own way in life.