Monday, July 30, 2012

My Countdown Begins

It is less than thirty days now until the Republican National Convention, which more and more looks like it will be a circus, but they always are, so don't let that scare you.  I wonder if the feds are going to be deploying the electronic mind control weaponry out of Macdill, as was planned initially?  A lot of people have begun to watch the skies all of a sudden, and thats a good thing, because the people who wanted to eat your heart and soul America almost had you this time, and you were watching TV!  Lets try to do better next time eh?

I am sure there will be plenty of things to jot down here in my free time, har har, up until the convention, and I hope to report good things about Ron Paul and Gary Johnson before its all said and done.  The future will tell.

Once this is over though I will finish the treasure book I started last year, and start publishing my own stuff more, plus I have 2 or 3 irons in the fire, and the fire is good, and there are others who work, so I will be glad to see this thing over with. I will annotate as I can for the next thirty days, and drop it like a hot potato once September arrives.  I will use the google space to post a bunch of my past political stuff, forever.

Its a real pita, tell you the truth, doing a blog like this.  I do have a life, its just the Tampanese have really hard heads, and I had to show them something.  Never easy.