Monday, July 2, 2012

Ron Pauls Strategy For The RNC

The zionists are so freaked out by what they are seeing with their eyes that they have increased their attack on us, and the lies they tell become more convoluted and ludicrous at once.  Things are heating up, because there are real leaders afoot, not the mamby pamby errand boys the zionists have appointed since the civil war at least...and the entire thing is just cooking along, but everyday the idiotic fools of the so-called jewish alliances (ADL et al) are seeing truth and reality for the first time in their depraved lives, and they do not like it, and they are not handling it well.  Do not expect that to get any better, either....they are the authors of false flag terrorism, and its just a matter of where will the zionists strike next?

July 4th