Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tampa Tests New Behavior Modifying Provocation Technology

Went wading in the bay from about 7am to 2pm yesterday, the powers that are sprayed about 1/2 million dollars worth of chemtrails the WHOLE time we were out, and only stopped when we left. no kidding. the whole horizon was clear all around only chemtrails overhead later, after noon, after the horizon was cleared for this op. nice big white puffy clouds all around, except for a large hole overhead, and at one time 13 large gnarly lines directly overhead at once... there was a bunch of tampa wienie "professionals" out doing their exercises, perhaps this is protection for these elite jewish people...i am sure it was a way to run people off, it got hot as hell, and the operation was definitely weaponry.....very expensive program, and this is exactly the type of spraying that will transpire over the crowds at the Republican natinal least, this is what has been going on a long time now, just all the people have been made too stupid with jesus and beer to even look up any more.