Monday, July 23, 2012

Anarchists Coming To Tampa?


Anarchy is a word bandied about by the zionist press, to scare people and themselves silly.  Anarchy means American, the prime document of anarchy is the Declaration of Independence, and one of the primary anarchists in recorded history is the Rabbi Yeshva ben Miriam, the Europeans Jesus Christ.  Most followers of Joshua are so out of touch they no longer know the definitions and meanings anymore.  They have been made stupid by their Crucified God.  A God straight out of their imaginations, and all that portends.

"Fing Yikes!" is all I have to say.

We should hope anarchy comes to Tampa, but this is the way the zionist media will try to blame Ron Paul for violence the mossad creates, its plain as day.  People who want to do away with government.

Thats how this country was started, and more importantly WHY it was started.  100 years of the federal reserve has screwed that all up.

Wake up and quit it.