Thursday, July 5, 2012

Personal Reconnaissance 7/5/2012

Visited Ballast Point today, odd photographers all about, oi well, and they have torn up the park and made a big mess of it, Tampanese.  There was a lot over by the Train Station entrance owned by the Dirt Dawg which has been cleared and asphalted, its the street runs parallel to Cass, south, lots o' big fat coppers reeking of cologne parking there now, a mass of them, they must be getting that 25 million dollars worth of training the feds are springing for...I mean YOU are springing for, har har I made a funny.  Over on Palm and North Blvd some older buildings went away near the river, and there is a lot of hustle and bustle about town, University of Tampa has many mexicans employed building something there, and there are many mexicans everywhere, jebbies boys I guess, sprucing it all up, getting it ready for the (Hopefully) next landlords (Oh PUH-LEASE GOD LET US GET RID OF THESE TAX BURDENS TO DUMB OUT OF TOWNERS DRUNK AND IN LOVE WITH THE SUMMER NIGHTS IN TAMPA BAY) even a new LA fitness on Dale Mabry near Kennedy.  I think if all the wellness warriors would wait awhile, just a wee little while now, they will be plenty skinny without hardly even trying, no worries.

The mexxies have always been the cheap white help of the people like the bush crime family and many of the other powerful republicans, even though a double blind has been pulled here about it -- border walls and all you all; make no mistake, the mexxies are way preferable to the blax, as far as the hard core xtian republicans are concerned, thats why the ethnic cleansing of the drug war (Which the idiot blax still deny), and thats why all the hebrewism, and jesusism and other mind control...these are the enablers of zion, of zionism, ptl.  They are not really American.  They do not get what it means.  And that may be ugly but at least I didn't say nigger.