Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scared Tampa

Tampa is always scared though, it is their way.  Probably because it has such a large jewish population.  Those anti-semitic douche bags hate all other semitic races except themselves, then cry anti-semitic when someone maligns their holy name, or they imagine it.  They are always looking for somebody to pick on, or blame their troubles on.  If there is violence it will be Mossad sponsored, as usual, because the federal reserve government are the ones who profit from the police state.  If they threw a war, and nobody came, all the jewish coffers would empty out right quick, and they do not want that.

When this opportunity arose, all they could see was dollar signs, and they are good at that, I will say so.  They grab grab grab and think later.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  They are not too good at thinking here though.

The Tampanese and all the rest of jewish Florida blasted Rick Scott for turning down federal money, because, as usual, when it comes to federal reserve money, most of these know-nothings have one hand out and one leg up.  Its the way of it in Tampa Florida. Cheap and sleazy liars and thieves, all dressed up in suits.

As the threat of Ron Paul and the end of their stinking little world grows and grows, the threats and actual violence will increase, because thats how they are.