Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The ACLU Webinar

When I logged in at the ACLU webinar I was number 108.  I had to download an app to join the discussion, and there was no chat going on. I was continually directed to download the app.  The app did not work with linux, so the powerpoint presentation is the way to go.  Pass it around, and do look at the page where free speech is defined for you, so that you do not offend any of the thin skinned criminals in office, or their zionist attorneys.  It is on page 6 of the slide show, where zion once again attempts to define free speech or proper speech, the sons of bitches.

It says: 
Violations of the law include:

Maliciously false statements about people
And obscene speech

This is the zionist dream,  the end to free speech, they whittle it away and slowly make things unpopular with their organizations and attorneys and media.  They Suck Blood.

PowerPoint Presentation to read and share:


And here is a great video from Australia talking about freedom of speech, and its importance.