Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vote For Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson follows Ron Pauls philosophy and was a very successful governor of NM for 8 years.  Gary Johnson will no doubt use Ron Paul in his administration, and Dr. Paul is beginning to indicate that he himself may vote for Gary Johnson.  I moved to NM to be in Gary Johnsons state, then the ignorant mexicans put bill richardson in as governor after Gary Johnson, which can only be called a travesty.  Johnson will be on the presidential ballots.  As Ron Paul has said, "Forget about a third party, we need a second party first."  The zionist jews and their toadies control the media and thereby the judicial and the political apparat, ruling with fear and lies, look what a ridiculous fiasco they have made of the election processes.  They are afraid their billion-dollar-a-day hand-out is going to end.  Vote Gary Johnson to get America back on track, undo the charade that happened in Tampa.