Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Truth

Ugly oh yeah, but truth none the less.  A lot of the republicans, and now many of the democrats too, those with a ROYAL agenda, actually NEED a suffering,  starving mass about, just to remind them how good they have it.  These are the zionist jews, the chicken hawks, and the zionist jew wannabes who are really the Enablers of the drug which judaism has become, the christian right.  Those ignorant sops have sold America down the river with their pretended patriotism and superstitious ways.

Of course these types have it so good they could never effectively spend all that money, and thats because they need things like mega bux, and control over others, to shore up their little self images, their petty little ideas of themselves, and they are just scared monkeys afterall.  Thats pretty evident.

There is a new breed coming though.

I think the worst thing any protestor could do to the idiot demons of God Money  is go have fun somewhere and don't let those anal zionists into their reality.  Then vote them the hell out, of course.

America Needs Ron Paul.  Wake up.