Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trojans Are Good For People Without Brains

Well its back from the market today, Thursday 31 May, the trojan the scumbags from Tampa have loaded onto this computer seems to be working well, all my little watcher drones are sitting there picking their butts, which is what a lot of people in Tampa excel at, and spying.  Reverse control is a good thing, they are dancing to my tune now and they will understand their mistakes soon, which will be much too late for them.

Lots of helicopter action over the market at FunLan this morning, and some odd dux acting like they were trying to be natural, though they were there for a reason.  This will only increase from here on out, and its kind of like the Pied piper methinx.  We'll see.  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Stay tuned for more info on the sick little golgotha that is Tampa, town of thieves.